Pulling the Bolter out - slight tweak

Whenever you pull the Bolter out (at least as the veteran) its cocks the weapon again. I’m not sure why this happens but personally, I can’t stand it. Cocking/charging the weapon increases the time between selecting it and using it by quite a noticeable amount.

The solution: Remove the animation altogether unless on a reload or first use.
I don’t understand what balance or mechanical need there is for cocking the weapon each time you take it out and on the “realism” (I use that term very lightly :P) each time you’re doing that you’re ejecting a usable round.

What do you all think?

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It’s been raised before. It’s meant for balance even if the animation used doesn’t really make sense. I think they should remove it and weapon switching should be instant but we’ll just have to see how the devs take the feedback on board!

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