New Bolter swap animation is amazing (Patch 1.0.20)

Oh blessings to whoever made and implemented the new animations for swapping to the Bolter. Preserves the slow swap speed to balance the Bolter compared to other weapons, while conveying the raw weight of the weapon and not having to rack the slide back every time. Looks great, feels great, and makes lore sense. Bravo!


Are you ready for round 2 of nerfs :wink:

Because it is going to get nerfed… It outclass the Plasma Gun which… Should be the I murder everything weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

You get not one, but three unique swap animations! No more getting tired of watching the same extended animation every time, no overly silly actions, and all very nicely made. I especially like the one where he gives the bolt a good thump to make sure it’s in battery.


I noticed that they did something to the reload mechanic as well, the gun seems to go straight into the reload animation if you swap to it when its empty. Pretty nice.

One thing I applaud FS for doing - had a little smile on my face when I saw the different animations for my Ogryn weapons.
Its a small thing you dont quite notice at first, but the variations give you more immersion.


the animation is good looking but its bad, why?

its longer than the older animation, that you can even shot/aim mid animation due to some animations are too long. now we have inconsistency , not knowing when to shot or the animation is yet running.

I feel a couple of guns could use the same treatment.