Switching to Ranged Weapon animation

On the auto gun, it always pulls back on the chamber whenever you switch to it.

I do not have any RL experience with assault rifles other than movies. But I do not recall seeing , lowering his assault rifle, to use pistol/fists, then pull on the slide whenever he used the assault rifle again, other than after a reload, or prior to getting into a fight.

Maybe that gun expert guy from the videos can weight in, or anyone with experience in firearms that reads this. But to me having to pull on the slide every time you draw out your weapon seems a little excessive, and it gets in the way when quick switching.

This redundant animation should be removed from all weapons that have it. If you need to “slow down” the weapon draw for balance reasons then just make the draw animation slower instead of breaking immersion.


I would imagine you do it only after a reload or to clear a jam.

The weapon have that because other wise they are not gonna be balanced

Thats some high grade BS there mate

Having the Bolter being able to be ready as rapidly as the Revolver would make the Revolver just plain bad

They need to have advantages and disadvantages, and at first there wasn’t any animation, it was just slow to take out and it didn’t feel good, so they changed it after people complained about it

The bolter doesn’t need to be nerfed this way. In fact trying to use it on Damnation or high intensity Heresy is simply impossible because all it takes is something like one mutant to prevent you from reloading your gun ever again.

If you want the bolter to be slower to draw then simply make it slower to draw. Don’t saddle it with this pointless extra animation that plays even in situations where it doesn’t make sense, like when you draw a bolter that is already empty and have to wait for the animation to play out before you can start one of the slowest reload animations in the game.

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They already went through this whole ordeal with the bolter and removed the bolt charging every time you pull it out. It doesn’t draw any faster, but the animation is different. Because it gives gun nuts fits for some reason.

I agree animation should be removed, and weapons that are lightweight should be drawn faster, weapons that are heavier should be drawn slower.

The draw animations on the lasgun don’t do this and they are frankly much cooler for it

The angled draw animation on the lasgun where it just pops into frame is super satisfying for some reason

Yeah, the lasguns are quicker to draw/fire. I googled weights of the weapons:

  • Bolter 18kg
  • Assault rifle 6kg
  • Lasgun 2.3kg

After reading this, I realized the slide bit bothers me because my weapon is already raised, but it keeps me from firing. So what you are saying makes sense.

Removing it would prolly stop me from feeling that way, but they would have to adjust the raise speed, nothing should prevent me from firing once my weapon is raised, and has ammo.

The draw animation still plays in nonsensical situations like opening doors and after activating Vet ult. You can raise the bolter and aim down sights near-instantly with Vet ult and it still prevents you from firing as though the switch animation were playing.

Overall I just don’t think the weapon swap animations were done very well. In most good FPS games you can hardly notice them happen even when they’re only a little shorter than the ones in Darktide. This is a small complaint compared to the many, many issues that need addressing in this game though.