Remove the "readying" animation from ranged weapons

At higher difficulties you are constantly swapping back and forth from ranged to melee to deal with hordes and specials simultaneously. Dealing with elites and specials in VT2 was so smooth but now it is just a cumbersome pain. Give whatever developer(s) worked on those animations a firm handshake for me for their hard work and then remove them please.

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It’s a deliberate design decision to encourage melee, but I agree, clunkiness is a balancing tool that is almost impossible to get right.


No. This is the correct method for balancing heavy hard hitting ranged weapons against low capacity quickdraw weapons. The only problem is someone forgot that the revolver doesn’t have the keyword “plasma” anywhere in its description.


Or ‘bolter’.

what are you balancing against? Smooth gameplay?

Over powered weaponry trivializing every challenging encounter. See bolter vet patch 12 and earlier with 30 round ultrapower magdumps. The bolter wasn’t the problem, it was the instant draw and reload animation skips in vet’s talents that was the problem.

We have new balance problems like the plasma revolver and lmaoassails now.


Having multiple knobs and dials to tweak weapon balance with is important to allow different weapons to stand out in different ways, as well as allowing some guns to be appropriately strong without being broken. If you pick a strong gun with longer draw time that is a commitment to being judicious with when you get it out and when you put it away. This is all a part of the skill curve and allows for more weapon variety, without everything boiling down to a select few DPS metrics in deciding what to bring.

Fully agree with Reginald here, it’s a necessary balancing measure and the alternative is significantly less varied functions of ranged weapons. If you can’t stand it avoid guns with long draw time, there are plenty of good quickfire weapons to choose from.


The only problem is that they have poorly balanced the weapons and not all of them are equal in drawtime related to their power. The revolver is the quickest drawing ranged weapon and it arguable the best ranged weapon in the game at the same time, being able to 1 to 2 shot every enemy in the game aside from monsters, including nurgle blessed crushers on damnation. Meanwhile the helbores have the same 3 second draw time of a bolter yet dont have any substantial payoff for taking that long to draw out. They are not bad, but they are in no way close to being the best, and they wont save you in a pinch like the bolter might if you manage to draw it out. I agree that the drawtime is a balancing factor, its just the current balance is very poor and needs reworking

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I think for some weapon’s it’s fine.

I can’t really complain about the bolter or the plasma gun because on top of being able to just delete specials they are large and cumbersome for the average person. It really sells the weapons character wise as large hulking monsters of war.

Some areas I’m a bit less sold on is slowing stuff like the hellbore draw. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good gun but that pull out and lever switch feels way too slow.

But it’s held back by the reload and small capacity


Damn, somebody doesn’t understand what draw time is

Balancing for overpowered weapons? Then how do you explain the 20 second ready animation for Helbores, and the instant ready animation for Recon las, Autoguns, Headhunters?

It’s only useful for balancing if the game designers remembers it exists, and they don’t. These numpties have blessings that can’t function on weapons, stacks for aiming time was absurd for 6 months and so on and so on.

Besides, how do you even balance it? What is 0,2 second ready time worth? What is a 1 second ready time worth? 100 dps? 1000 DPS? 200 AoE DPS?

What is the negative impact of a 2 second ready time on Sedition? What is the negative impact of a 2 second ready time on 5 Auric Maelstrom? How do you even begin to balance for it?

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I kind of agree the ready time for some weapons expects the player to have foreseeing abilities that are quite impossible in this game.

It’s not like we’re preparing for a ranged battle so we can leisurely switch weapons and take aim, we have to continuosly switch between melee and ranged.

Even the absurd delay in the primary/secondary fire of some weapons is unwelcome: let’s say I actually have to release a valve to go full fire with the flamethrower, how come that an enemy hitting me closes the valve back?

Or that I have to push out and back in the handle on the twinned gun instead of having it out constantly which would make way more sense?

Slot shotgun (/pistol).
See how fast it is.
Learn to appreciate non alpha-damage weapons for their alt-properties.
De-slot shotgun (/pistol), re-slot your bolter.

Horses for courses.

Man if they put me in charge you wouldn’t have this problem but i’m just some guy on the forums, i dunno what to tell you.

If that isn’t a mood every time someone asks me “well what would you do?”

Like brother I work a full time IT job, I bought a video game to get AWAY from doing work.


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