Helbore draw speed

I really think its time that this weapon was just given a quick draw animation without all this fiddling with the little knob thing on the side.


Agreed, it already has a delay on uncharged shots similar to plasma but has bolter pull out time on top of the charge speed for charge shots.


let hellbore rise


I am not a very big fan of clunkyness as a balance mechanic, so i normally steer clear of guns like the bolter and other stuff like the flamethrower since it just messes with my game flow.

But i always had a bit of a soft spot for the helbore since it was the gun that i used on my first damnation win.

These days i dont really see the need to bring this gun out unless i just want to just mess around for a bit with some of the weapons i seldom use which is a bit of a shame.

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Do it.


It was well liked and pretty widely used for patch 13. I think it’s just another casualty of the elite HP changes hitting TTK worse for some weapons than others. Unless it’s boosted to reach similar BPs to patch 13 then yeah, I don’t think the draw time is particularly warranted anymore.

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dont think it ever was tbh, bad sight picture, charge up, draw speed, and what do you gain over the direct competetor?
the ability to deal with armored targets albeit not particular amazingly,
higher dmg per shot, wich only results in higher dps in very few cases.


Patch 13 I saw a lot of extremely experienced Vet mains swear by Hellbore as a meta option. It had good breakpoints, got borderline infinite ammo with shock trooper, synergised better with left Vet tree than most ranged weapons generally, got to shoot down heavy elites effectively while still having the flexibility to do part charged/uncharged shots to dispatch shooters, and putting out some of the better boss DPS you could get, all without relying on onslaught so you could deal with all target types while still getting to spec for some survivability in middle branch.

You don’t have to believe me but I was lurking on Vet discord quite a bit at the time and saw this sentiment mirrored by quite a number of the most obsessive Vet mains I know around there. It’s certainly possible a bunch of them had modded in better sights.


I am one of those vets. Helbore is my jam and i love it. Unlike what everyone else says, helbore is an absolute powerhouse (mark 2 that is… both mark 1 and 3 are total garbage) (i should mention i play on auric maelstrom)
Sure the draw time is pretty bad, but most of the times you wont even need to pull out your melee.
The helbore melee jab can one shot (headshot) most specials (including hounds and trappers) and lower level mobs.
Also with the new keystone and volley it takes 2 headshots to kill maulers, 3 for crushers.

Also very useful fact about helbore to anyone that wants to use it but feels its too clunky.
IF you charge your melee jab and start running, you will run faster then with a melee weapon.

I mostly only pull out my melee weapon when there’s a horde or a monstrosity like chaosspawn or ogryn

(also i dont use the any sights mods, though i think i will eventually. i highly agree the helbore needs better sights)

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yeah no i totally can see it, but we have to be honest, as someone who recently started to use the weap.cutom mod wich easily eliminates one of the hellbore weaknesses, i have to wonder how many others picked hellbore because of that and not only because builds reached good specs

i’ve always liked it, even in beta, and i never thought its non-viable, and could compete with other wepaons but it always had a sinificantly higher skillfloor than many other weapon, and i don’t think taking away the drawanimation would elevate it to absurdity at a all

I used to play the Helbore MK II a lot, but I had to stop since the constant right click hold release for charged shots was wearing on my hand and causing discomfort in my index finger tendon.

If the charge mechanic could be changed or removed, I’d gladly keep playing, but I don’t want to risk life and limb over a video game.

I’m extremely happy with my Recon MK II or my Agri MK VIII, when I want to go ballistic, but I’d gladly return to a Helbore without having to charge every shot.

PS: I play the game in 3rd person so YMMV!

I mean that’s what I said with my first post yeah, in light of the elite HP increases especially I don’t think there’s any harm shortening the draw animation significantly.

I thoroughly dislike using clunky/slow animations as a balancing mechanic, it feels very disruptive to the smoothness of the game flow in my opinion.

especially on precision weapons

The only thing I really like about the slower draw speeds is how it interacts with Exe stance. Synergies that aren’t just more damage is fun.

The Helbore just feels bad.
I mean, I love the weapon type, but if the most usable one is the one closest to regular lasguns…
The pullout time is horrible, the sight picture is just atrocious, and if you’re playing with twitchy teammates, a bad server, or for any other reason have any kind of lag or bad fps, the thing just sucks.
Inputs getting swallowed is also really annoying - I’m reasonably certain I’ve played enough shooters to confidently say I released mouse 1 before mouse 2, but the endresult in Darktide is still frequently no shot. A glowy frontpost would be so nice.
Anyways, the drawspeed. Yes, it’s annoying, but I’d be ok with it if the weapon lived up to its drawbacks. At least it could be accelerated some. That, or make the Bayonet stronger, so there is a case for having the weapon out most of the time and stab the odd straggler with it.

Have you actually tried using the bayonet?
Because i recently did and it is powerful enough IMO. If you headshot with it, it will kill most mobs.
I think it would be kinda dumb to make it do more damage then it does already.

I have, and it is relatively fun/funny, and reaches meme tiers with the bleed talent due to its high attack speed.

Playing primarily the mk3, it has about the speed of an ogryn club - a diagonal swipe with no cleave.
So yes, I have, and it’s atrocious.

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Let hellbore rise (faster and while hitting the switch in the same action)