Boltgun need faster animation speed

boltgun solid gun but there is something that unique its slow af its not a weapon fashion show its feels like he pull out a rocket launcher, imo boltgun need 15%-20% by default faster animation speed for swap and reload its take forever currently.

This would definitely work toward making it actually usable outside Executioner’s Stance Veteran, yes, but it still wouldn’t be very good.
Boltgun has some huge problems with its armor modifiers; for some reason Fatshark decided it would be a good idea to make anything that isn’t Carapace Armor extremely resistant to bolter fire, especially Infested enemies. It makes no sense, but that’s the reality of it. The weapon is kind of ass.


The bolter is supposed to be an extremely powerful gun, and it used to be, and the animation speeds are a balancing factor. The correct fix is not to take away from the draw time but rather make it actually hit like a bolter. Fatshark and their community testers clearly don’t understand the lore as they’re all fantasy nerds and it drives me up a wall.

I based this on literally nothing. But it feels that way given what kills what in this game.


Fatshark needs to fix the awful Bolter ads issues, not the slow draw and reload time.


I think the bolters draw time needs a massive buff, same deal for the hellbore lasguns, but its reload speed and recoil should stay the same, as much as I hate the recoil.

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I think the lucius las needs its draw time reduced to normal lasgun tier. But bolter should be long. Plasma should be long too.
Both should do giant piles more damage. And fix the ADS glitching.

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Hellbore does, Bolter doesn’t. Bolter can magdump all of its dps after being pulled out. The Hellbore cannot.

The recoil isn’t the problem. Its that after the recoil the resetting animation is messed up and screws over your ads.

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Bolter is held in check by the super long reload and abismal ammo pool, but it does need to draw fast to be useable, espcialy on zealot. Also I was not aware the ADS was bugged, explains why it feels awful to use.


I still disagree on this point. Maybe if there was a swap time talent, but it shouldn’t be applied to the base weapon.

And even on Zealot, I think it’s ability to stagger and kill large groups of armored elites that some weapons might struggle with warrants a longer ready time.

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In all fairness…that’s…exactly what the character is doing there, hefting out a rocket launcher. Boltguns are humongous, overbuilt, absurdly heavy weapons firing small rocket propelled explosive shells, typically reserved for power armored troops and vehicles.

The reload deffo needs some work however, and some of the recoil is a bit excessive as far as usability goes.


engine needs to be swapped to something that can handle server validated client hit…
wait till DT2 gets released (or 3)

VoC is much better for bolter build, you can clear some space and give yourself toughness buff while pulling out bolter, VoC also doesn’t need 999 subnodes to be good.

Shattering impact

You read my post wrong.
Carapace armor is the one thing Boltgun is actually suited to dealing with. Everything else is hilariously resistant to it for some reason.

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agree will be nice also make less recoil iam playing on console my recoil flying to mars ea shot

Well only infested, but it’s 3 enemies with low hp pool anyway. Currently in patch 14 after they just changed vet tree bolter feels good, plasma is better tho (prob bit overtuned)

Unyielding? Considering its the best anti boss gun in the game?

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