Please make the flamer faster to take out

This isn’t as powerful as the bolter, so why does it take almost as long to whip out? I want to like this weapon, but it just feels too slow to use. Same goes for aiming with it, takes too long.

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Mixed feelings. It has tremendous utility in chokes for sustained area stagger and horde deletion.

But often when using it, I have to just dodge backwards while accepting that, in first equipping it and then waiting for the secondary fire animation to complete (opening the fuel gauge, I think) - I will take a hit or two.

It doesn’t feel too unreasonable to me, but I don’t like this way of them balancing things - it’s annoying waiting for overly long anims, and it makes the gunplay feel clunky and constipated.

I’d rather we had smoother flow to our animations and had some other factor balance out the power of the weapon, like tweaking down the max ammo or something.


what does powerful even mean in this context?
versatile? dps? burst?

the flamer does the thing you want it for exceptionally good, in Fact it has no competition in horde clear, so in that particular field you could say its vastly more powerful than the boltgun

why is the lucious lasgun cursed with both a equip delay and a shot delay even tho its purpose would need it to be quick?

Completely agree, the lucius is just horrible. It has a host of other problems on top of its very slow equip animation too.

The sights are just bad, there’s the obscuring charge effect that prevents you from seeing what you’re about to shoot at, the bayonet feels very weak and not worth using even in a pinch when you can instantly swap to melee…

More generally, I think the long equip animations for ranged weapons is just a mistake, really.