Boltgun issues

The locke is only around 7kg, so perhaps it shouldn’t take this long to pull out and equip, maybe a reduction of 25% draw speed is a good idea? Just a small buff to make it smoother.

The ADS recoil animation is still broken, jumpy and unpredictable, makes me have to re-aim after firing each shot when ult is not ready, so please smooth it out.

Shooters arms can absorb at least half of the DMG, which breaks the lore and breaks immersion, there should probably be an one shot over ride on shooters regardless of body part hit for appropriate range.

You want to buff bolter??? Are you serious???
If there are weapons that don’t need buff it is Power sword, Flamer and Bolter…


It’s called gameplay balance, also please don’t talk about aspects of realism (such as weapon weight) in game with elves and space wizards.