[QOL] Bolter is super powerful, but is very frustrating to use

First I want to make clear that i don’t ask to buff the bolter, it’s extremely powerful and it do es doesn’t need to me more effective overall

However, it really need some QOL changes, even if it means nerfing it on other aspects

Bolter delivers an insane amount of AOE DMG and stagger when firing, which is amazing, however all of this power comes at a cost of artificially long animations to both reload and equip the weapon, combined to a really tiny ammo clip that always makes the full auto feel unsatisfying to use

The bolter shouldn’t be a clunky slow weapon to just… Draw… And even with a reload time stat almost maxed plus a talent that reduces the reload speed by 10% it stills feels like I have to spend an eternity to reload the thing and it’s a chore

I understand the need of making the weapon balanced, and all of this power needs to be compensated somehow, but please find another way of doing it because it’s insufferable as it is.


The bolter isnt really supposed to be handled by a fleshy person to begin with, to ask for such a thing to be dexterous and smooth to use in the hands of someone its not really made for is pretty much breaking the lore of warhammer 40k

its a big ass missile autogun normally used by cyborgs super tough guys and space marines
not tiny ass zealots and soldiers who mostly only use recoilless plasticy laser guns


Except the Bolter these guys use is specifically made for human use and isn’t the same as the Space Marine ones.

It should be clunky for sure, but the equip time is a tad bit excessive.
I say that because literally everything is dead before I can even equip it.

Reload time I feel is appropriately slow though.


I could agree with this a little, the racking the bolt back after every equip is the only part i can find being excessive


There are different kinds of bolters and boltpistols.

One made for regular humans, one made for space marines. We’re using the former.

As Mutant1988 said the reload time is fine, but the equip time is the only thing that should be buffed, and only somewhat.


AFAIK the Bolter does no AOE Damage. It only Staggers in a larger Area.
Also i noticed that my 350 Bolter, i can use to one-tab enemies in Difficulty 3, is falling off quickly in tier 4 as i sometimes need two bullets for flak armor enemies which destroys the authenticity of the weapon.

Otherwise it really feels fun and powerful.

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I think…it really does need to have a long draw time and reload time. The gun is overpowered as hell and overtuned. It does not do insane AOE damage, but does do aoe stagger damage as well. Also the gun has a lot of ammo and does not have a tiny ammo clip, in fact it really does have same amount as nearly all the las guns in the game considering how they shoot 6 ammo for 1 shot out of a 100ish clip, it honestly has one of the most in the game. Revolver has 5, las guns have around 10-15, autoguns lul, shotgun 10. Bolter needs a nerf is what it needs as much as I like the gun, it clearly makes every other gun besides the helborne las gun obsolete.

Just as the Emperor intended.


Balancing something by making it super clunky to use is generally not a good idea IMO (I’m looking at you too Lucius lasergun).


Unsure if you’re responding to me or the OP since it looks like it makes more sense to me. Anyway, the bolter is not clunky. Its completely fine reloading wise, asking for a faster reload is just asking to make it more overtuned not less clunky. You’re reloading a heavy ass gun that fires explosive kinetic rounds, not a laser gun or a revolver. What’s honestly crazy is that you hold 2x more of this ammo type compare to the revolver’s slugs.

Plus we even have an auto reload ability if we want take it if its truly that much of a pain and a 20% + 30% reload speed perks. I dont even use those, but it still feels fine you aren’t suppose to be able to reload it in the middle of a close quarter fight anyway.


The bolter isnt really supposed to be handled by a fleshy person to begin with

I really wish people would stop appealing to lore or their own ideas of realism above all else in response to people’s feedback that weapons are clunky or unsatisfying.

There is lore precedent anyway, these are presumably Locke pattern bolters designed specifically for use by Arbites and similar, using smaller bolt rounds than those used by astartes, with lower capacity magazines.

I agree you should not be able to whip it about like a carbine. It’s a big powerful heavy gun. We can have long reload animations too. But racking the bolter every time you equip it is annoying as hell and makes no sense. Same with other guns.

And the ADS on this weapon feels floaty and odd, to say the least. It’s ok for it to have massive recoil, but the way it recovers to a neutral position is just… weird. It floats around in a very unnatural way.


I have to say that I disagree.

I find the bolter to be in an excellent place (playing diff 3-4)
Its an awesome mid-close range special deletion tool, but loses against some of the lasguns when it comes to controlling enemy ranged and long range.

Weapon swap taking so long with the bolter is a reasonable drawback for being able to delete just about any special in under a clip. I feel that its in a really good place currently, operating in a different niche than the lasguns and being very satisfying to use.


Kaizun has it exactly correct, space marines one hand this gun or two hand for accuracy. Were this a bolt pistol I could see it being a little better and I really hope they had a fast movement bolt pistol but right now, this is basically a two handed rocket launcher for a human. Assume that this thing is hard enough to wield especially without a stock. You’re basically walking around with a fully automatic micro grenade launcher. That said… it’s not hard to both precision shoot and full auto spam this beast.

They did an excellent job on the feel, look, and crunchiness of the weapon. It feels great to use but comes with a slow reload given that you are a normal human wielding it.

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The bolter is Perfect as it is. Learn to play with it or find another weapon. I like the animations and you have to think when do I use it and when not. You have a melee weapon when it gets tight and a team that provides air when you need to reload. From my point of view there is absolutely nothing that needs to be changed and I play it on T4 and T5


I disagree… it 100% has aoe damage. It both pierces targets and does AOE explosive damage. I’ve cleared whole waves with a full clip that had more than 15 guys.

Bolters aren’t “Made for humans” if that were the case we would be using something like a bolt pistol that has a smaller profile and is generally more often used by humans over marines.

you should read what is written in the description of the gun. bolter pistol and for this it is excellent to handle. Use this gun only and the ammunition from sufficient. You just do not have to spam around so it is an emergency weapon to break tanks for field control to create air. Play the weapon first at t4 and t5 level before screaming for nerfs. You with your T1-t3 level and 300 weapon. I still run around with my blue 412 pistolbolter in t4 t5 and there is nothing so easy play anymore. You have to think and agree. TEAMPLAY is the magic word.

The only problem the Bolter has is that it plays its load animation every time you equip it, which is superfluous and irritating. I would guess that it was not intended to do that, but maybe they made a mistake. At any rate, it needs to go away, and I think any problems people have with the Bolter will fade away after that. It’s a fun gun, with solid strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t really need a buff or a nerf, imo. If anything, I would say the kickback is just a little too high, but it actually makes sense considering who is trying to use it.


Kaizun has it exactly correct, space marines one hand this gun or two hand for accuracy. Were this a bolt pistol I could see it being a little better and I really hope they had a fast movement bolt pistol but right now, this is basically a two handed rocket launcher for a human.


You are appealing to lore above gameplay and mechanics, which is not a good idea, and then getting the lore wrong anyway.

You are speaking as if there is just one type of bolter, for Astartes use. There are absolutely loads of different patterns, and there are plenty of patterns designed specifically for use by regular, unaugmented humans, as well as loads of different types of bolter round.

The Sisters of Battle use bolters (they have power armour, but no other strength augmentation), the Imperial Guard use bolters, the Arbites (basically police) use bolters.

“The Locke-pattern is a variant of an old Adeptus Arbites design and the most common boltgun design found in the Koronus Expanse.”

Another source:

"Locke Pattern Bolter:

The Locke Pattern Bolter is used by the Adeptus Arbites, the militarized police force of the Imperium. Like the Godwyn De’az Pattern, this is made to be used by ordinary humans, with a gentler (though strong) recoil."

Can we please put this surface level lore take about ‘normal people can’t use bolters it would blow their arms off’ to bed now.

None of this even really matters; the lore is stupid in many ways anyway, like the fact these weapons with enormous recoil are made without stocks. We know humans can use them, we know they are heavy weapons.

It is possible to make them feel heavy without them feeling clunky, there is a difference. It is found in quality and implementation of animations.


I stated many times that the bolter is a good weapon and probably the best one in the game. The issue I have with it doesn’t comes from it’s performances, i just find it very frustrating to use because of how artificial the length of it’s animations feels to me

I’d very much prefer the weapon to be nerfed in term of DMG and stagger if it means that i don’t have to see my character slap her gun before slowly placing it in front of her every time i swap it

I’m not asking for a buff but for a better experience with this gun, and I’m perfectly fine if getting that means the gun should be nerfed

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