Ranged stagger 20% damage bonus doesn't work on Packmaster at all

So, after patch we have 20% damage bonus on 2nd shot from ranged weapons (which, judging by previous bug reports, should work for all shots). But it doesn’t work on packmaster because… He has monster armor. And he increased his health by 20% in this patch.

In this regard, can one of the developers answer me: why can’t you just increase the damage of ranged weapons by 20% directly, and not indirectly through the stagger? Or am I not understanding something?

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Stagger bonus works normally against monster units.
You simply aren’t staggering the packmaster with the repeater handgun.

Health of all enemies was increased by 20%, and they added 20% damage to ranged weapons to compensate for this. Let’s see what the developers say about it.

All ranged were given bonus damage on all shots in 2.0, which is pretty much same as the “smiter” perk, only for ranged weaponry. So it’s actually 20% damage on 1st shot, same 20% damage on 2nd shot, and 40% damage on 3rd and consecutive shots, if all shots are quick enough for target to not leave stagger, and can stagger it in a first place. Even if a weapon incapable of inflicting stagger on targeted enemy at all — it will still have 20% damage bonus, but will not ever go to 40% unless someone put heavy stagger on target for you.

Here’s the quote from patch notes:

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I understand this to be the case, yep.

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