Ranged damage and staggered enemies


My understanding of the 2.0 update is that all ranged damage always count as stagger 1. So you would have +20% vs stagger 0 enemy (cause always stagger 1), +20% against stagger 1, +40% against stagger 2. That would mean 2 different damage output, either with the +20% or +40% bonus (basically the Smiter skill). However, I manage to have 3 different damage output value depending, I assume, on how much the enemy is staggered. Sorry if this is intended and I just didn’t understand correctly ^^

Example with zealot, against training dummy. All grey equip (rapier and pistols), talents 2 1 * 2 1 2 (so nothing affecting damage). Level 30 so 305 hero power. No mods, patch.

Testing 2 attacks sequences (close range) : 1) shoot -> shoot and 2) melee attack -> shoot.
With Enhanced Power : 1) 2525 -> 3525 /// 2) 500 -> 3025
With Mainstay : 1) 2350 -> 3275 /// 2) 475 -> 2825
With Smiter : 1) 2350 -> 3275 /// 2) 575 -> 2825

This behavior can be reproduced with different weapons and different classes, against both training dummies. It seems to me that neither Mainstay nor Smiter work on ranged attacks (intended ?) and that either the “always stagger 1” isn’t working or it is a flat 20% on top of stagger level. I don’t know the damage I should be doing so I can’t pick an option here.
If the damage & breakpoints calculator spreadsheet is correct, it would indicate it’s option 1 (ranged do not count as at least stagger 1). Bug or did I miss an update ?


I’ll get back to this during the week. I need an adult to explain it to me. :slight_smile:


In short, I think the interaction between ranged damage and stagger is not working as it was explained in the patch note.

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Yo, stagger talents do not affect ranged weapons (or shouldn’t). Only enhanced power should be affecting it.

If I understand stuff right, those numbers should be correct (since dummies get staggered), since the damage multiplier for range is 20, 20, 40. If you shot the dummy a 3rd time and got an even higher number then something would be wrong.

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