Keep dummies don't show the 20% stagger damage on ranged weapons

I can confirm that players do get the 20% damage bonus to unstaggered enemies in game, but currently the keep dummies don’t show this damage bonus, making the damage numbers against the keep dummies inaccurate.

They do though, you have to fire a few times.


That’s the first shot with a longbow and the second. Crit is 16k.

EDIT: Wait, are you asking about the base damage before stagger is applied?

What’s happening in that picture is you’re going from +0% damage (42.00) on the first shot, to +40% damage (58.8, rounded down to 58.75) on the second shot.

The reason for this is that ranged weapons already start at one stack of +20% damage, but the dummy isn’t showing this. The correct damage values should be 50.4 on the first shot (not 42), then 58.8 on the second shot. And if you were to take this same setup into an actual match, shoot an enemy once, and then kill yourself, you’ll find that you will indeed do 50 damage on the results screen.

In other words, the mechanic works correctly in game, but that 42.00 in the keep should be reading as 50.4 rounded to the nearest quarter point.

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Interesting. If that’s the case, it’s probably doing the same thing with weapons as well then. Aren’t they supposed to apply 1.2x on first stagger and then 1.4x on 2nd?

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