Bounty Hunter ranged damaged on dummies [Solved I guess]

After reloading any weapon magazine (so cannot test actual numbers about regular crossbow), hitting dummies with them (both regular and armored) provides damage number lower on 1st magazine shot, meaning blessed shot crit is lower then it is suposed to, and that non blessed 1st shot after reload do less damage then next one.

Also noticed that Blessed Shot crit damage numbers are lower then regular crits number on some ocasions.

Tested with Thithetaker lvl 5 tallent, diferent lvl 10 talents, enhance power 15 talent, diferent lvl 20 talents, job well done lvl 25 and Double-shotted lvl 30

Edit: Tested with Saltz other career and same issue happens
Edit 2: Tested with Merc Kruber Repeater and Kerrilian Shade Repeater and same behavior happens

Can provide more info if needed

That’s the stagger mechanic in action. 1st hit is x + 20% bonus damage. Next shot after while dummy is still swinging is x + 40% bonus damage.

That sounds like something, tho

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Weird, maybe you are right. Although I thought since I didn’t have any stagger talent, this wouldn’t happen… I’ll test some more

@dannylew8299 You were right after the testing. Although Blessed shot damage is still inconsistant

What I’ve found out about testing though, (on regular dummies) is that the crit from a BoP Blessed Shot is the same damage has a staggered regular shot, slightly higher on repeater weapons then staggered regular shots. Might not be a bug, but a “feature” working as intended. Used Enhanced power talent only

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