WoM Community Poll Patch 2.0.7

As far as beastmen dodging. That is either an issue with you backdodging (this was always an inferior way to dodge and as of 2.0 it became even worse), ping to host (if you aren’t host), or you not actually having perfect dodge timing as it relates to the animation. I would recommend going into modded realm and practicing with a handful of beastmen mobs spawns, until you can get a hang of the timing.

As far as waystalker. She is arguably one of the strongest individual careers in the game. She represents the vast majority of people who have done solo + bots Cata runs, and makes up a large number of the top 50 spots on the Lone Warrior Weave leaderboard. Are the builds between those players relatively the same? Sure, but there are always meta builds that are used by the majority of the playerbase.

Good poll, you probably should do a separate one for weaves specifically. I answered neutral, as I hate the concept/design but I’m still excited about a few things.

My feedback as they are is:
I hate that I can’t play them with my friends! Really! Can’t stress this enough, let us host.
I love how they are tied to the storyline, I hope there is an ending for them (the challenge can continue).
I dislike that there’s no incentive to replay them.
I like that we can duo solo etc.
I don’t like that we can’t use bots at all.
I like the aesthetic, I dislike the variety (5 maps…)

I honestly disapprove of the design around leaderboards, I’d focus on story content in the future, but I want to play them
Again let me play them with all my friends

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On another note, I find it hard to dislike a career as a whole in this game, be that before or after WoM, mostly I find it’s certain talents that need addressing. My thoughts on Slayer I gave above.

Although! I almost forgot! Slayer should really have Crunch! back, either as a 2nd part of another talent (eg the gimmicky 150% damage while airborne during leap one) or its own talent again (I guess to replace the gimmicky one).

On Merc the only one I can criticise is the ult talent where you lose THP in exchange for CDR. It’s not worth it when you can have a WHC with 40% CDR and an ult that not only staggers (or should in theory, bugs notwithstanding) but also gives everyone much higher crit chance. Either give it THP back (but maybe half the amount per ult or so) or change it into a talent more like the other two, which provide either utility or another boon. Oh, also Helborg’s Tutelage has negative synergy with his passive +5% crit!

On WS my biggest complaint is now that ammo on health regen is gone it feels like you’re pushed toward taking ult CDR in that tier (as health regen is pretty meh since a long time after it got nerfed ages back and the two regen-oriented talents in that tier aren’t that great, maybe if they were merged and health regen got you to full again it’d be a good choice?), ult CD in the next tier and then ammo back on ult. Also Ricochet while a new mechanic feels a bit too gimmicky with how it interacts with terrain and the fact you don’t really want to miss anyway. Maybe if it also made your arrows cleave one more target on direct hits (for the non-hagbane bows) it’d be worth considering.

On Shade my main complaint is HM can now run +25% AS at all times with properties and the AS on dodge talent, 45% Crit Chance during ult if you take the third ult talent AND is way more survivable than Shade (can take increased HP from 150 to 180 or 30% BCR, which when paired with 30% BCR on necklace turns eg the glaive from a 2 stamina weapon into effectively a 5 stamina one). Also the HM talent that lets you dodge through enemies would make so much sense and be so perfect on Shade too!

Shade’s 2nd highest tier gives you a choice of DR on crit, MS on crit or flat MS. I don’t like how there are two MS talents in one tier, one or the other should really be replaced with something else.

Shade’s CDR talent for the ult also feels like a loss, much like Merc’s one. Why take it if you lose the damage boost? I’d rather see a return of the not breaking stealth while firing one or something new if FS don’t want her to overlap with Huntsman/RV in that regard.

On RV my main complaint is that bomb drop/potion drop got merged and bomb drop got replaced with basically a weaker, more selfish, more lazy version of Grungni’s Cunning. Either replace Share and Share Alike with something unique/interesting, eg a talent that makes Ingenious Improvisation (RV’s 10% chance not to consume an item on use) become a partywide boon, or split up bomb drop/pot drop again but reduce the chance on bomb drop to make the other two more competitive.

WHC is great but the talent that gives his witch hunt tag passive 5% more damage is underwhelming. Most of all I’d love the THP on taggable enemy kill back, but if FS won’t do that why not introduce another talent that benefits the whole party? Either bring back the 5% AS for all party members on tag or perhaps make it tagged enemies are more vulnerable to CC. Something like that.

Oh! I almost forgot: On BH ammo based on clip size, on top of being useless on most weapons, has another major drawback vs 20% more damage against enemies you crit: the talent that gives you 20% more damage to enemies you crit also applies to the crit itself, and as it’s 20% more total damage not 20% more crit damage it’s flat out better (especially on weapons with low clip sizes for which power based on clip size is obviously useless).

Which reminds me, both BH and RV didn’t lose their stupid +25% power when out of ammo talents. On BH this is especially egregious as he now has a talent that gives him back 30% ammo on elite/special kill when he’s out, but on RV too if played properly the class never runs out of ammunition. Yes, I know it works well for throwing axes as you can toss the last axe, get the power, then return them when needed, but I don’t think the playstyle these two talents encourage is a good one - it encourages players to actively gimp themselves by being wasteful with ammo (this is not a problem on the throwing axes) and potentially not have ammo on hand when it’s needed (this is a problem on all ranged weapons, inc. throwing axes). If you want lots of melee damage like that play IB with the new talents (power based on proximity, power on ult), Slayer (at least 30% power from trophy hunter), WHC (OHKO on crit HS, crit chance on ult) or Zealot (6 Fiery Faith stacks), they all lose nothing of their kit/passives while letting you keep your ammo ready for when/where it’s needed.

On Zealot the 5% more power talent is a missed opportunity. If it instead gave you an additional stack of Fiery Faith (ie you start with one at full green hp) people might actually think ‘that sounds cool’ and that’d allow it to interact with his other talents that are based on how many Fiery Faith stacks you have.

On HM Focused Spirit is like a lamer version of what we had with Eldrazor’s Precision (trading AS for power). Asrai Grace is also a bit weird as her ult already has very low CD (and it’s bugged so it anyway doesn’t work atm :confused:), but once it gets fixed it might have a niche with the aforementioned 25% AS 45% Crit Chance build by trading 5% crit from the one talent to increase uptime of the +25% crit contributed by her ult.

On IB I’ve yet to uncover a breakpoint that makes Drakki Wrath worthwhile (if anyone knows one please let me know) for the heat it generates, and believe me I’m trying. You end up better of taking a ranged weapon with high single target damage if you want that. Either increase the power given by much much more or reduce the additional heat generated by a lot and it could have a niche. The talent that gives a 50% chance to get all stamina back when block is broken is also bad as it is too unreliable to be appealing. Zealot has a talent that gives a 100% chance to get all stamina back whenever he takes damage which is much better.

On BW Whoosh! remains a weaker version of Burnout, as Burnout lets you adjust your direction with your 2 ults and Whoosh doesn’t. Burnout is flat out better in terms of both fun and utility, you can Flamewalk in and out of danger, CC an enemy harder or travel the distance of two ults in one direction. Whoosh! needs to be replaced with another effect (but not CDR, Burnout is 2 ults every CD).

The talent Centered is afaik as underwhelming as it always was, especially now that we have a talent that puts Tranquility on a 3s CD, Centered either needs to vent harder or be replaced with a defensive alternative again (like the old BCR when Tranquility is up talent).

On Pyro I’d like to see Ride the Fire Wind be more interactive, either base it on her spellcasting or give it another effect, as it is now it just makes your damage inconsistent and for people who are basing breakpoints upon it, it’ll just annoy them when some of their shots meet the breakpoint they’ve built for and others don’t - I imagine most will just ignore this talent altogether.

Also please remove Exhaust and replace it with Burning Twins (the old WoM beta talent that made your ult fire off two Burning Skulls at once), the latter was way more interesting and for people wanting to vent it’s much more effective (and always had been) to take THP on ult and use the THP to vent. Exhaust vents your OC once, 35 THP allows for multiple vents, like 4 or even 5 (assuming you use all that THP to vent, which you likely won’t need to).

On UC Burning Dregs is contrary to the way the class plays, focusing on heat management, as it takes control away from you. It’s a bad talent and needs to be replaced entirely.

Other than that I’m happy with the talent changes overall.

Edit: I completely forgot the Huntsman talent which reduces damage taken by 3% until a monster is killed, after which it is 30% until the mission ends or death. This talent is the poorest of all his new ones, 3% is useless and even if you get the 30% it is straight up inferior to eg RV’s damage reduction on HS/Pyro’s damage reduction on elite/special kill as it is way harder to activate than either of those, even more RNG-dependent and lost upon death. I’d much rather it worked like BH’s new damage reduction talent, 1% damage reduction per elite/special killed stacking up to 30%, which is functionally similar. If it worked like that it’d be much cooler and actually useful. Boss dependent talents were always bad so I was glad to see the removal of those. This one should’ve never made it in with WoM.


I was host. I saw animation start, I dodged to the left, he turned and followed me through the dodge and hit me.

Definitely not a git gud problem - I don’t think it’s physically possible to react faster then I did.


While I do still have some frustration with talents, dodge/stagger, and beasts, my primary frustration has definitely shifted to bugs. The amount of major issues introduced with the 2.0 patch is kinda nutty.

  • Pressing career skill button on Battle Wizard and having it simply not work is so frustrating.
  • Missing audio cues for spawns (and entire beast hordes) completely breaks immersion and general flow of the game.
  • Specials spawning directly on top of the player tilts me beyond space and time. Lost a run as last player standing recently where a pack master spawned inside of me and instantly had me hooked, then played the entire audio sequence after I was already disabled.

On an unrelated note I notice stagger’s damage boost is still confusing people. Unsurprisingly, when it’s not explained clearly in game. Is how ranged weapons interact with stagger explained anywhere within VT2? Serious question.

It really should be if the mechanic’s going to stay, it’s particularly unhelpful for rookies if they have to search far and wide to find out how exactly it works. We already have that problem explaining crit power/headshot power to them as those aren’t clearly explained in the game either and many new players assume increases to those are meant as an increase to overall damage instead.

That explains a lot actually, I completely forgot about that talent! That could definitely do with being baseline.

I wouldn’t be opposed to RV getting an increase to 125 HP as well as Slayer, RV is more of a support oriented melee-ranged hybrid after all (at least based on his talents/kit).

Wasn’t that due to lots of the people cheating in China using WS? I recall there being posts to that effect in the feedback/bugs forum, but I could be mistaken.

Oh aye, they’re putting me off too, more than anything else at this point. Bolt staff’s charge sounds still don’t match the actual charge intervals and it’s by far one of the most minor bugs one has to deal with atm.


I asked for this so much… Waystalker was my most played class, it’s nearly all I played. Now that she has lost arrow regen. I think her ammo should be dropped from the 100% it got in WoM and dropped back to it’s normal 50% bonus, but she should just have the ammo on Special kill regardless. That should be a passive. And then with the free lvl 30 talent, give her back Temp HP on ULT. It was a great talent that let you make medic type builds with heal share or just gave you a “oh crap” button for when things hit the fan.


Happens for Slayers yump too
Also encountered some insane bug in which I got knocked back through my guard while charging it. When I then tried to use the next one, the button flat out didn’t work for the rest of the map. What in the devil?

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Was this a one time occurrence, or something you can consistently replicate? I’m not saying it is a git gud problem, just that it is not something I’ve witnessed personally, or heard from anyone I’ve played with, given host ping and not back dodging.

I pick Other as a stand in for “all of the above”

And I think all of the aesthetic issues would be tolerable if FS can fix core combat flaws on the AI’s side.

Also fix Slayer! Every other class is pretty great talent-wise and Slayer is so close to being right that it physically hurts! I don’t even hate the crit chance talent, either!

THP still remains nerfed too harshly, haven’t found a team brave enough to all run healshare yet and with the amount of seemingly unavoidable damage being taken, I doubt my team ever will.

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To beastman:
I can only add i seriously dislike their bugginess + how strong they seem to be compared to other races.
Being locked behind paywall is one thing, being locked behind achievements i have already done is other.
I don’t even know anymore since the whole game is a dam mess currently its really hard to evaluate how good or bad is it.


Mate, we talked about this.

You already have been written down in the book for your infringment, but for this time actual grudges are halted as your are an established hero of the people. Note though that further insults to the Dawi race cannot be tolerated and will have grave consequences.

This is your last warning.

On the topic itself: I’m quite upset that Huntsman lost is 20% reload talent, in hindsight it was really necessary for a handgun build…

I really like that idea, would be a perfect fit imo.

Yeah, i mentioned that in another post, too, should really be looked at.


I remember that one instance in particular but in general they are hard to dodge and don’t seem to work right - attacks coming out of nowhere, from stagger into headbut with no warning, etc.

I didn’t buy WOM so I don’t actually see them often enough to test.

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What if the no thp cdr ult gave the party 10% attack speed?

Fixing beastmen hitboxes and arrows through horde, invisible pokes are main offenders.
Cleave thp get way to hard nerfed its not worth using at all comparing to rest
Weaves are kinda boring
Dodges same as before but now need little more skill to use
Beastmen 60 dmg hits are big no with how fast they deal that damage its way out of range of that
Because of how broken they are right now its hard to fight with them at all
Waystalker get rework to be actually less spam forever (if not swiftbow) to think where you shoot sometimes, very good change
Ranger got rework that is actually interesting (outside of some talents that are way worse than others)
slayer is glass cannon that should be but still brutally powerfull and need some skill to use him
WHC with that talent on 100 % crit i though its gonna be OP as hell, but its only for him and thats well 40% ult back same better in my though after it and thats nice.
Zealot buffed to being even dumber class and less needing skill seriously how ppl still die with him
BW still worse than pyro and unchained but closer to actually being usefull

Other than that problem with 180 fast hits its because how fast they can turn, if enemies had some turn speed cap then it would be possible to actually react to it instead getting instantly smacked

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Oh, that’s why I exploded twice a horde instead of never! Could not agree more!

125 hp on ranger vet would be nice. Also thp for cleave coff


I have said this in other posts but I will repeat myself.

i like the Winds of Magic I don’t have problem with the changes that have been made. Weaves are fun but it takes time to find a group and that is the problem I can think of right away, oh and that Challenges where you have to kill enemies with one of the DLC weapons to unlock the skins don’t count towards the progression.

I like the Weapon system in Winds of Magic, I think it is a better system then the main games system with random properties and traits. I wish that the main game had the Winds of Magic weapon and Talent system instead.

And instead of lootboxes you got cosmetics from completing challenges, like “Use only Range weapons in Hunger in the Dark on Legendary difficulty with 2 Grims”, and for that you get a nice weapon skin.

For me Vermintide is about challenge and I really dislike random elements to items and loot. It feels out of place in the game.


My question still stands. Why do Battle Wizard, Unchained, Ironbreaker, Ranger Veteran, Foot Knight and Huntsman have access to Bulwark stagger talent and Handmaiden doesn’t?

I want Bulwark for my shield damn it.

Galri Asur.


Regarding what’s confusing about the stagger system: mostly the amount of fails safes fatshark has/had in place to prevent us actually staggering the enemies. I was really confused about the patch reverting the nerf to “stagger resistance” to 2.0 values, while removing a “stagger threshold” from hordes we didn’t know about. I’m still not 100% sure what those are, or if more things like that are in place (or why).
Some talents are confusing. Nowhere was said smiter applies to 1 target only, and I’m still wondering if assassin is extra damage on headshots/crits or hs/crits on staggered enemies


Oh boy, I guess it’s finally time to fully formulate my opinion. This isn’t going to be an easy task for someone like me so let’s just start by questoneer answers.

In general each day I get less and less motivation to play, current state of the game just wears me down bit by bit.
Aside from bugs, inconsistencies whack job of a balance state, even worse interaction in game itself and even that devs didn’t keep their word on keeping old difficulties about the same, the most disheartening thing is their behavior. That is to say it’s almost basically radio silence and you could even put FS dogs place in that burning house “this is fine” meme and it wouldn’t be too far from how it looks to me. That makes me lose hope and hope is only thing that really keeps me playing, because people I enjoyed playing with seem disinterested in wading through the mess and even without them QP became more of a slog where I can’t even give a modicum of trust to people joining me.

It feels reactionary and partially kinda backwards. Sure slave rat no longer as tough as per WoM maulers but now that don’t crit or are on far end of staggering spectrum don’t work particularly well vs elites.
It’s baffling that rather than try set dial back and then dial them but by bit they went with give and take way. Due to that some weapons feel anemic, some work fine or great because they can crit and some are neither here nor there.
The stagger talents still feel like missed opportunity rather being tied to a class to be part of weapon traits.
All in all system itself feels too prolific and not varied enough.

I’ll not let Fatshark of the hook for this “10% hp increase across the board”:

As for other. Stagger mechanic needs to change. For one I don’t agree that it should apply to all attacks but rather only to light ones. Heavy attacks should be balanced akin to ranged weapons. Secondly, stagger talents should be reworked into traits rather than be the generic trait line like THP and heal share talent (we’ll come to those later down). Third, differentiate between slashing, cutting, piercing and bludgeoning attacks if possible, low value option, that isn’t intrinsically needed but could be interesting.

This will be very controversial, but rather say it. Make jewelry more than just different icons. For starters make jewelry type crafting not RNG then tie those generic talents to them: THP and heal share to amulets, stagger perks to charms, some trade off between ranged and melee power for trinkets for example. Use freed up SIX talent slots to put more identity into classes.

And for Nurgle and Ranald’s nonconsensual baby’s sake do something about cleave.

Some reworked talents are great, some need polish and then there’s common “talents”. Neither THP nor stagger line should be there taking up slots. When I was learning the game and leveling they were “oh cool, I know what this does and how it works”, now it’s more “why are you lazy FS?” General talents either need to be somewhere else on items like I suggested before or a separate line that is same for all classes. It shouldn’t be part of class specific grid.

I still don’t like how obfuscated they are and really all cleave needed was fix that it was working on single targets.
THP on melee kill is also very counter productive, rather than incentive to hog kills it should just give everyone hp who partook in killing the target.

Only one I like is crit/HS THP option. It’s the only one that is straight forward.
Cleave is overnerfed and along stagger too unclear now in description how much you’re getting from it.
On kill also doesn’t give you the percentage of what HP is harvested nor is it conducive to good team play.

I both like the idea of them and dislike the effect new shiny had on dwarves to the point where every Slayer I see with them I consider waste of my bot space.

Until today I was kinda ok, but after seeing how it affected friend from over Atlantic and some experience before myself with near 200 ping I believe dodge windows should be modular. It’s really not enjoyable to not be host these days honestly.

Chaos faction expansion doesn’t feel like separate faction, just more emphasis on what Chaos already offered: less special type heavier frontline enemies. Partially I believe skaven are a bit shafted by this in game named after them.

Feels like Athel Yenlui with destruction spin over decay. I haven’t played enough of it to have more than first impression though.

I’m not fully against the idea, but Cata hasn’t been a selling point for me and I have no way to even try to see, if I could like it.
You should be able to invite people for least one fully finished game in Cata. That way at least players could market your difficulty. As is, I consider it a dirty tactic.

Extra arrow on ult feels kinda pointless, least piercing shot is kinda enjoyable and powerful in accurate hands. Could switch extra arrow for passive regen of arrows.

Handmaiden bleed ult isn’t interesting in of itself most other stuff outside stagger talents is enjoyable.

Didn’t feel much of a change on Shade but what she has was fun to toy around.

I think Merc is only one I felt like he was downgraded as a class. Can’t yet put a finger on why just yet.

I still kinda don’t like Hunstman but he did feel better.

I liked FK before, now he feels even better.

I didn’t like RV before, R bashing was hilarious though but that’s about it, I don’t like him less after changes.

IB looks cool in change department and I actually want to play him instead of avoiding him.

Slayer didn’t seem to get enough benefits from losing all his resistances.

Probably only class I found almost all changes interesting and fun.

Scratch that, Sienna too, I hated battle wizard, now I might enjoy her more than unchained.
Pyro wasn’t my style, but more tolerable with what she got.

I fixed some options for some reason going to higher selection and I can only complain only a crash per session maybe, bit less probably. That’s discounting how buggy it was though. Today I crashed basically because I died in Horn of Magus plaza after barrel event, so that was “fun” and probably related to fixes FS did.

Almost 2h to write this up on the phone… Gah.

All in all I’m most unsatisfied not by the game but by Fatshark. I can’t appreciate a dishonest developer and nothing coming from them dissuaded me from that notion. I’m not sure if it was a good thing to get invested in the game that much to put in over 700h into it over 6 months or so.
I wanted to buy dlc day one, I’m happy I didn’t.

Fatshark currently