Legit Question - Trying to understand

So you see an enemy staggered by an ally. You don’t see who, you just see that they are off-balance. Is there any indication of what level of stagger bonus you’ll be getting? In theory, couldn’t this vary by a huge amount based on their talent choice (and yours, of course, but you can know that, at least).

If they are using a weapon that grants two levels of stagger and have Mainstay, that should put them at 2 stacks of stagger. Will you get the 60% bonus bonus, or is that just for them? If they had Smiter, does that still raise the enemy’s stagger count IF they weren’t the primary target? If not, this means that their stagger bonus when you hit them would be 0, right? If they had Bulwark, doesn’t that mean that the bonus could be 30% if they’ve given one stack, and 50% if they’ve given them two?

Okay, let’s assume that the only fact that matters is their stagger level, any stagger counts towards it (even secondary targets when using Smiter, and of course the 10% universal bonus on stagger bonus from Bulwark). This should mean (assuming I don’t know what talent they’re using) that the potential damage bonus I could get against that target on my next attack can vary from 20% to 70%, right?

Cuz with just seeing them staggered, I can’t know their stage, just that they have at least 1. It could be 2. And that affects how my talent interacts with it. If I have Smiter, even if they’re at stage 1, I only get 20% bonus. If I have Mainstay, I should get 40% if they’re at stage 1, and 60% if they’re at stage 2. Unless they had Bulwark, then I’m getting 70%.

Is that right?

EDIT: Oh god, what if they got staggered by someone using a bomb with Shrapnel? Does it matter what talent they have?


Please stop hurting my head :tired_face:


The only question OP’s asking is if there is (or there could be implemented) an indicator for what level of stagger an enemy is at, and whether or not his talents interacts with the enemy in the same way as the ally who staggered them in the first place.

The situation OP describes is that an enemy has been staggered by an ally, but OP didn’t bear witness to it, and OP thus has no way of knowing what level of stagger they are at, so OP won’t be able to know how much bonus damage his talent will deal.

Not to be rude, but if stuff like this hurts your head, I’m going to have to question why you’re here in the first place? I don’t see how it is the responsibility of the original poster to make sure his post “doesn’t hurt anyone in the head”.

I read it as more comedic :joy:

I’d honestly like to know the answers to @BizarreSalp questions tho. Perhaps one of the Devs can let us know.


More than that, I would legitimately like to know if I am correct, if the possible variation of damage bonus against an enemy can be from 20% to 70%. I actually started out writing this seriously, and then as I went I realized just how absurd it was.