Changes to stagger mechanic

I would like to see the stagger mechanic more reliable and include visual stumbles, push-backs, and knockdowns.
Give enemies an amount of stamina that stagger damage effects.
-Enemies stumble when their stamina gets dropped to 2/3.
-Enemies get pushed back when stamina gets dropped to 1/3.
-Enemies get knocked down when stamina is depleted.
-Enemies have varying amounts of stamina (including bosses) and regenerate at different rates
Pushing just deals extra stagger damage in the effective conic area.
Different weapon attacks have different stagger damages.
Bombs and CC career abilities have varying degrees of stagger damage.
-Pushing, attacks, bombs, and some abilities would better synergies with THP stagger talent.

Stagger talents can be changed.
-Once reaching 2/3 stamina, an enemy is 20% more vulnerable to damage.
-Once reaching 1/3 stamina, an enemy is 40% more vulnerable to damage.
Smite: just gives the 20% extra damage on the first hit.
Assassin: just gives 40% extra head-shot damage.
Mainstay: 40% at 2/3 stamina, 60% at 1/3 stamina.
Bulwark: Blocking attacks now deals stagger damage. Enemies that you block or hit are 10% more vulnerable to damage.

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