What is "Stagger" what I literally need to do? To stagger an enemy

Literally what buttons I need to press and how it works ? And what happens if I stagger an enemy?

Still don’t get it , this whole math is to complicated , can someone simply explain how I stagger an enemy by hitting him?

Yes, just boop’em on the head.

I give you a usefull answer:
You are thinking a bit too complicated, “stagger” is really just what the word itself means.

If you hit a slave rat, with (probably) anything, it will get staggered, the rat looses a bit of balance, maybe even falls on it’s ugly snout, but is not dead yet. When the enemy plays such an animation, the enemy is staggered.

Weapons like a 2h Hammer for example can manage to stagger even a Chaos Warrior with body blows.

“Lighter” Weapons like the Rapier for example have a harder time staggering enemies.

I hope that clears it up for you.

And I hope I didn’t spread any bs.

Bombs for example stagger even bosses like a Chaos Spawn feasting on the Pointy-Eared Treehugger’s head.

So I just simply need to hit an enemy and it’s random if the enemy staggers? And if he staggers there is a stagger animation?

Not that random, depends on your weapon and the enemy.
Yes there is stagger animation. You’ve seen those stagger animations probably a few thousand times now, but didn’t recognize them as such…

It is really just your weapon slamming against a rat and that rat then stumbles, falls on it’s face or takes a couple of seconds to collect itself. You are thinking too complicated.

An example:
You use a simple 1 handed hammer on Bardin and slap it across a Chaos Marauders face. The Marauder is not dead. Maybe lost a few teeth. But stumbles a bit doesn’t it? BOOM the enemy has 1 Stagger.

It´s not random. The outcome is always consistent depending on your weapon, the move you do with said weapon and the enemy. So a light attack with a rapier against a clan rat will always make them flinch, and a heavy attack from a big hander will always make them fall down. The heavier your weapon, the stronger your attack and the lighter the enemy, the more said enemy will stagger. The more an enemy is staggered, the more damage it takes - plus, it also hinders them in attacking you.

The stagger lasts as long as they are visibly recoiling from a hit. That part’s not hard. The hard part is knowing just what stagger level they’re at (1 or 2 is not readily apparent from visuals), and just what your damage bonus might be due to what talents other players might have picked.

Though given that pretty much everyone picks Enhanced Power because many of the stagger talents are crappy (and don’t affect ranged weapons), it’s not difficult in practice.

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