Randomly dying on Convocation of decay

  • Issue Summary:

Dying randomly while walking, or jumping. Happened on heroic Convocation of Decay.

  • Steps to Reproduce:

Unsure how to reproduce it. Both instances I’ve seen happened in Convocation of decay, not a minute apart. Both of them in the room before the big spiral staircase towards the end. Both affected players were clients.

  • Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Very Rare (< 5%)

  • Additional Information:

When I say “Randomly dying”, I truly do mean it came out of the blue. There were no enemies or hazards in sight, and nobody had shot anybody to cause friendly fire.

I myself was jumping at the time (Not from any height that would cause fall damage), and I’m pretty sure I died when I hit the ground. The other player was walking along normally when it hit him. If it helps at all, he was walking along through the little cave hallway right after the big room you drop down into.

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