Jump instant death bug on Against the Grain

Issue Summary: Against the Grain, Champion, Pyro Sienna, playing with 3 random pubs…

After crossing the bridge and entering the town area prior to the end of the map, I jumped down from the scaffolding to the wooden walkway around the base of the tower and instantly died upon landing. I had read a dev reply somewhere stating this is caused by the fall death trigger being placed too close to the ground, so I guess take a look at the placement near the low points of this yard?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Against the Grain - cross bridge to final stretch of map
  2. walk left along wooden scaffolding and past the box, jump down to the left onto the wooden walkway
  3. possibly die?

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Once

Additional Information: Host was using voice chat a lot the whole run. Though the ping seemed normal, maybe the constant voice chat was making the connection quality fluctuate? Dunno.

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