Instant death on floor contact -- Into the Nest

Issue Summary:
When jumping off platforms, contact with the floor resulted in instant death in a few places. It happened for two players, neither of which was hosting. Team composition was: Host – salt, BH; bardin, ID; sienna, BW; and Bot – Kruber Merc.

The dwarf was killed twice in this manner; sienna was killed once. B - B - S. For the first instance, B was holding a Grim; third Instance S was holding a grim. Screencaps of where the deaths happened. Last one might be off a little; I was playing S when she died.

Of note: corpse disappeared into floor – may have briefly remained half in floor for one instance; no items left behind.

When I went, I was full health, not wounded. It could not have been a delayed stack of hits for me.

Steps to Reproduce:

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This may be the issue you are having


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve enabled “Small Network Packets”. Out of curiosity, is there any down side to doing this?

Not that I have noticed, I think the game runs a little better for me in small network packets. Hard to tell tho

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