Insta death out of no where

Have had this happen a few times to me and to other (always when carrying grim not sure if it makes a diff though)everything will be fine then suddenly out of no where character will just die out of no where no going down just dead no enemies around and usually the tome will just vanish aswell. Wish had more info if I get any more ill update this post

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Jumping doesn’t cause this no? We’ve heard of this happening when a player leaps off a low platform (I won’t bore you with the details :smiley:). Just wondering if that could be the case.

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You might be on to something last night when this happened was on into the nest and it happened right as i jumped into the skaven area of the lvl (after where you get the 3rd tome)

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I’ve had this happen, too. It’s been a known bug since early beta, but it’s so rare that I think it’s been really hard to figure out the cause. :confused: It’s not one you can really repeat reliably. Jumping or falling a distance may be connected, but I think that’s the only common thread I’ve ever seen.

I have had this happen to me two times before, once at the start of Festering Grounds and once at the start of Blight Reaper. Both times I was hopping and died when I hit the ground. I was fully dead both times and had to respawn.

It very rarely happens tho, only two times in 650 ish hours for me.

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This is a connection-related bug where if you begin to lag after having leapt off a platform, low or high, or even if you were hopping along as TheLiquor mentioned above, the server attempts to predict where you are despite the lag and consequently predicts that you’re still mid-air. On the server side, you could be perhaps 100 metres underground and hitting something which ultimately kills you. Improving your connection would help (perhaps see if there’s an improvement by enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option) but nonetheless it is an issue on our side and we’re looking in to it!

Sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with the details… :stuck_out_tongue:


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