Randomly Dying SIGNIFICANTLY More Often

Issue Summary:
Basically what the title says. There’s always been those few random instances of dying seemingly at random (often from jumping off of a platform on to lower ground and dying instantly upon hitting the ground. Ever since the recent patch, I’ve been randomly dying far more often than I ever had before. This means immediately dropping from whatever amount of health I’m at down to 0, and skipping past the “downed state” entirely, no matter whether I was on green or white health. Similar to death by falls, where death just happens immediately.

Steps to Reproduce:
I wish there were some. It seems to happen at a complete roll of the dice. The most recent one involved me dropping while just walking along without any jumping or enemies around.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)

It’s honestly becoming quite frequent. About 1 in 5 games, I’ll die for no reason.

Additional Information:

I get that this isn’t super helpful, since I don’t have any concrete examples or logs or really anything outside of a complaint, but I’d imagine it’s more useful to know about it than not.

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I can’t seem to quote this (might be because the post is now locked) but @FatsharkJulia had this to say in a similar post.

" This is a connection-related bug where if you begin to lag after having leapt off a platform, low or high, or even if you were hopping along as TheLiquor mentioned above, the server attempts to predict where you are despite the lag and consequently predicts that you’re still mid-air. On the server side, you could be perhaps 100 metres underground and hitting something which ultimately kills you. Improving your connection would help (perhaps see if there’s an improvement by enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option) but nonetheless it is an issue on our side and we’re looking in to it!"

Hope this helps

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Hey thanks! I’m not sure this accounts for all the times though, as there’s been many instances of random death while just walking along; no jumping, nothing.

I noticed the same thing, but only when I am not hosting games.

As some folks have mentioned, this is a game breaking connection issue related bug. I see this happen to people regularly as well. They will be strolling along and from all the times I seen the instant mysterious death happen, the player was moving from one elevation to another.

Its like the game loses the players location in 3d space and gets wonky with the last coordinates recorded and just decides that the player is in a virtual space that does not logically compute, so the game kills you.

It happened to me a few times already when I was not hosting.

I am not positive that Host players are immune but I have not seen it happen to my character if I am Hosting

This issue used to be super rare but after the new update I have had it happen 3 times so far.

Before the update in over 800 hours I have only had it happen 2 times I think.

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