Falling through the map randomly after small or large jump

Issue Summary: I’m not sure if it is an internet issue, but friends and other players will tell me that sometimes it looks like my character is falling through the ground once in a while. However, I have not been experiencing any lag whatsoever myself, even on other player’s games. Sometimes this issue does not happen at all in a game, but when it does happen in a game once, it will happen very often in that same game. I’m not sure at all how to reproduce the bug or issue, but whenever I jump or fall down even a small cliff in game, I have a big chance of just instantly dying. On my side, it simply looks like My character just has a heart attack out of no where and falls to the ground. But to others, they see my character actually fall through the map. This has been happening for months now, and because of it I’m turned away from playing the game because often times I’m having to sit and wait for people to come revive me after dying for no reason, just to later die again to the same issue.

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I had this issue FREQUENTLY (once every 2-3 maps) end of last year. I was told that it’s a lag issue. I thought that was strange because I never actually lagged in game, I would just fall down from a small height and instantly die. There were some spots it would happen frequently - end of Righteous Stand for example when you drop into the bubble. I wish I had a good fix or solution for you because it’s extremely frustrating. I noticed it stopped if I was the host, and it stopped after they came out with some patches and I started playing on Ethernet rather than wireless. I’m also on console, but it sounds like we experienced the same issue.

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