Random death bug

Issue Summary:

People die, randomly for no reason when jumping, have only observed it on the skittergate map in recent time.

Steps to Reproduce:

Uncertain but it seems to happen mainly on skittergate.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Very Rare (< 5%)

Additional Information:

I have had people just randomly die while jumping down at …seemingly random spots on the skittergate map but also inside and just outside the actual gate.

Both fully die needing to respawn and drop into the state where they can be “resurrected” by someone patting their back a bit.

I know this was a common bug on multiple maps before like athel yenlui and even the farm one but it stopped happening on those thus i am reporting it seeing it here, however i didnt record it but i figure others should have seen it happen as well.

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Sounds like the lag bug. Some of the maps have kill boxes under and around them, so if you’re lagging even a little. When you jump down, your foot might clip through the ground and touch the kill box. Happens a lot on into the nest as well.

Right thats a thing, but i have had people both die as in completely die and have to wait for a respawn and the one where they just instantly lose all health needing a…pull? Ress? And a heal but then able to go on as if nothing.

Its kinda inconsistent and doesnt make sense, and this from what i´ve seen only happens on skittergate as of now, but i did edit my post for clarify as i realized i forgot to mention the different deaths.

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