Instadeath with no reason

Issue Summary
Xbox One.
Steps to reproduce: I always see it when im not hosting.
Steps to reproduce:Just play without hosting the game. I hace seen it on convocation of decay and into the nest.
You are walking and die without any reason.

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It’s caused by lag. Normally when jumping or going up/down stairs or an incline. Maps have a kill box around them that instantly kills the players if they fall through a map, to stop you from getting stuck if you do glitch through the floor/wall. Some maps have these kill boxes directly under the floor, like into the nest. So if you’re lagging, your foot might accidentally phase through the floor and auto kill you. Not sure how xbox/PS4 work, but can you set your network settings to only match you with people close to you?

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Something like this?

Exactly like that, yes. Hearts attack because it wasnt rats surrounding him. Too much pressure I guess :slight_smile:

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