Tomes Falling Through the World/Floor When Player Dies

Issue Summary:
Ever since the DLC patch, there have been a hand full of times on any given map when myself or a teammate holding (not equipped in their hands, just on their character) a tome dies via enemy, then the tome can’t be found where the player died. Once, we were able to target the tome just under the floor and still grab it, but several times we just move on without finding it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the game normally
  2. Die with tome on character

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)

Additional Information:
Unsure if there are any specific locations, methods of death, or if it’s just totally random.

This has sadly been around since launch :frowning: Lost 3 tomes just today during my runs xD

This is also happening on Xbox. It’s happened a handful of times since the DLC came out.

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