Dying suddenly without reason

Issue Summary:

Died suddenly (100% HP, no enemies nearby), exact spot is marked by the tome:

console-2019-02-16-13.46.34-E8ECDDC6-E2F8-4493-AE4F-B1B2.log (1.7 MB)

You were prolly lagging a bit and your characters foot glitched through the floor and touched the kill box around the map. I’ve had it happen to me a few times, but only when I’m lagging.

I had the same problem on a staircase in Righteous Stand. Was just fighting with 100%hp (not on grey either) and was instantly killed w/o being given a chance to revive (not a deed). Never seen it before.

I had something happen on Halescourge too. I was rounding the corner of the building to get first grim and fell over dead. Didn’t even grab the side to hang on if I happened to fall off.

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