Unexplainable death

Two unusual things, high ping (260+) and twitch mode for cataclysm. uhh


That’s the most mind-boggling clip lol. Killed by a dead unchained from 90 hp. I’m guessing you de-synced and it caused you to hit a death plane. It used to happen quite a bit back in the day.


All I have to say is this.

Yup,very old bug where offhost players when jumping/walking around certain spots on a map ends up giving them a heart attack.UC was the last thing that hit/damaged OP,causing his death to be attributed towards the UC

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Just happened to me on fortunes of war. I was hosting and alone (with bots only).

Just walking on flat ground? Not jumping on boxes or something?

FoW terrain instant death - #4 by BizarreSalp this same spot?

Video doesn’t load, but I can tell you where I was : at the base of the statue, on the front side.
I was walking as far as I can remember, probably not jumping. Just a sudden brain aneurysm.
Here are the logs in case they help.

console-2021-03-03-18.35.26-82041f23-06eb-4b68-b6ad-bb9d4b52ae7b.log (3.2 MB)

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