Insta-death on Fortunes of War and getting soft-locked

As the title says, been trying FoW Cata and I’ve had the insta-death bug happen to me two times and I’ve seen it happen to my teammates as well. Both times I had it happen there was nothing around me, I wasn’t on my last life so even if I got downed by something invisible, I shouldn’t have died immediately. It just looks like I slip on a banana and die. Not sure if it matters but I’ve had it happen both as host and when someone else was hosting.

It always happens around the area shown on the picture. Those items on the floor mark the spot where I insta-died.

Another bug I’ve had happen near that area is getting stuck while teleporting as Bright Wizard. The place where it happened is shown in the picture below.

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This is the funniest thing I’ve read on here for a long time. My wife just came over to see why I’m howling at the screen. Someone give this guy a custom title.

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