Randomize missions more -_-

Feel like everytime I am playing it’s:

Festering Caves or whatever.
Biletroll cave.
Halespurn Mcbobblespurt or whatever the heck the name of that lich boss is.

These 3 maps keep popping up ALL the time.

There are TEN other maps. Why these maps keep coming up so much?

Sick of the stupid cart, the pimplepopping and running like a pinball to hit Fatface McHalespurn as he teleports back and forth every 3 frakking seconds.

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It is random, it’s so random that there’s the possibility that the same maps can appear over and over again.

Maybe system where you first rotate all maps at least once a day and after that it really gets random?
Not in a proper order, random, but until you had all missions you wont be able to get same mission twice?

Or ban system, where you pick one or two missions you really dont want to play?

I dont have problem with Halescourge, but people often leave as soon as then join in, and going same mission “random” 10 times in a row and 10 times people leave is a bit annoying sometimes. :disappointed_relieved:

If I get the same mission for the 3rd time in a row you better believe I will be leaving right at the start -_-

The missions are fun, and the slaughtering is fun as well, but doing the same run with the same tomes and the same grims and all that jazz gets boring when it’s being done repeatedly in a row.

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