Maps at select board shouldn't be random

Currently we get random set of maps with set diffculty and mission type, and random mission is just chosen from that given pull.
In my opinion it would be better if all maps would be avaible at all the times.


  1. I choose map that I want to play
  2. I choose difficulty I want to play on that map
  3. I choose mission type I am interested in now or maybe I need for quest
    4.Am happy

And random map should even if not giving bonus for random play (but would be nice) it should be a pick from all the maps or we would end up on the same map ten times in the row with the same mission type cause currently there are only two maps for level 3 difficulty avaible.

Maybe it is subject to change after release but especially yesterday it hit me hard and for a first days I thought all maps just look the same.


I agree with this, put it more inline with VT2 and how you could select each mission and difficulty

Literally just let us choose what we play like VT2, I don’t know why they tried to fix what isn’t broken.

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They deliberately didn’t do it like VT2 because there would be 13 x 5 x X conditions x Y secondary objectives x Z AWS regions for matchmaking rather 12 buckets. They felt that players would generally have full lobbies with this setup whereas it was pretty common to have bots in VT2 if you picked your map yourself. I’m not saying it’s better or worse but this was a pretty intentional setup for matchmaking optimization.

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Agreed with @Vedgy , seems quite intentionnal, and it differs greatly from VM2 because a single map doesn’t have a set objective and seems, rather, to be able to have any. The systems feels more like Deep Rock Galactic, where you pick from a random pool at any given time.

With more objectives, maps, conditions also set to come out, it should keep feeling fresh for a long while.

My main comment would be to have quickplay avoid placing you in the same map twice in a row, as much as possible.

The maps at least should not show up divided on levels but just it’s mission types max and then you adjust mission level. Cause as for now it only shows up to three maps of given level. It could be at least six or eight if level of could be adjusted and quikcplay gives you ability to join to anymatch even the ones people started with specific match.

Ability to choose map from all or at least bigger pool
Quickplay will try to fill your match so you won’t have to play with bots just like in Vermintide

Agreed. Commented a couple times but too much random stuff in the rotation. If they need to have a rotation at all keep it strictly to maps getting the horde mods and grims/scrips

Why are you making it overly complicated?

X conditions and Y secondary objectives could just be applied to the mission regardless of difficulty for example train assassination would have minimal hordes and grims on sedition, malice, damnation etc

Yeah there’d still be 13x5 buckets but it’s still better than you have 2 options for difficulty 1, 2 and 5 and 3 options for difficulty 3 and 4 until the next rotation.

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