Randomize Mission Conditions Rather than Set Them In Waves

Currently, it seems that the more unusual conditions such as Dogs, Snipers/Fog, and Darkness are dropped in little waves. Like the last 12 hours seems to have been Snipers and Fog as the majority special condition. As someone who plays several games in a row, this is incredibly tiring when certain combinations are present as you are just playing the same special condition over and over again.

I would prefer if all conditions were completely randomized, meaning each time a mission is “generated” or however it’s handled, the modifier(s) are pulled from the available pool completely at random.

I think it is done the current way in order to instill a narrative/event feel to the modifiers, but it really just introduces tedium and functions as another way that available content at a time is artificially limited. It feels like there is less game available when I mostly “have” to play the same modifiers for half a day or more.

One other thing that is tangentially related, but the mission difficulty spread should be revisited as well. I don’t have the numbers to see what difficulties people are actually playing on, but we definitely need more Damnation missions than three available at a time. Everyone I know plays on Damnation, and I would assume (though again without the stats I might just be flat wrong) that the majority of long term, frequent players play exclusively Damnation.

As it stands the number of missions available at a time per difficulty severely limits available content at any given time, which exacerbates the impression that the game has way less to do than it actually does.


conditions could also be randomized thought a game, having random event with dogs, hi int troops, snipers and sudden vent purge in room followed by blackout of some section would be great.

having whole map full of darkness, or fog is boring, having just some sections affected would be more realistic


Two or more different conditions in one mission is a great idea ! It would create brutal changes during the run, making it less boring !
Starting mission with dogs, then lights switch off, everything sudenly dark…
Plz Fatshark, it could be awesome !


I agree with this, with an important exception: other people mentioned before, but it would be cool to have a certain times event based on a modifier, like pox hounds unleashed or something, where the community has to work towards a goal to unlock some sort of reward. Kill a certain amount of dogs as a whole from Friday-Sunday or something. Even if the reward was just crafting materials and dockets it would still be kind of fun.

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Definitely agree. This has been requested by a lot of people over these last months, too.

I’d like to see random modifiers.

However, I think as a general rule that people playing on Damnation would prefer that Low Intensity was not an option. This has been widely agreed upon in my experience.

Yeah, it makes extremely little sense to have them rotate as they do now. It was even worse before where they were on for entire days or weeks, but even the “shorter” rotations are still rotations and become very tiring. I assume it’s to try to make different sessions feel varied, but if someone is playing a long burst rather than many shorter ones, you’re not going to see much variety, and a modifier someone wants to see can be lost for several days at a time depending on when they can even play. A group I play sometimes with can only meet up on certain nights and we literally could not play Shock Troop together until this very past week ever since it was added. I know that’s not the normal use case, but it’s the sort of thing that should still be considered.

On the mission slot thing, ideally I’d say there really should just be 1 difficulty one mission, 2 difficulty two missions with one modifier and one not, and then give Heresy and Damnation the slots gained from this cut as that’s where players are going to really need the most options to keep them happy. Modifiers per difficulty should never overlap and ideally be as varied as possible, so weird to log in and see Damnation with two low intensity Hunting Grounds and one normal map for what feels like the hundredth time.