Raise Weapon Modifer Score Cap to 400

Remove the HardCap on 380, it dont make sense.
This weapon is nearly 380, but useless, because the missing 20% is in damage, the most important part. a wasted weapon.

All this playtime, cant get a decent max modifier weapon, from weapons that are generated like this.


In my opinion, it cannot be boiled down to an aphorism.

A lot of my favourite items in my inventory have Damage as their worst stat, because they’ve reached a breakpoint where it doesn’t actually change how many hits it takes them to kill most enemy types, or their other stats provide important modifiers.

In this case, you’ve got near maximum stats in First Target and Cleave Damage, and the multipliers from these categories often exceed the small increase a few extra % on the damage bar can add.

On my ranged weapons, I find a poor Stopping Power stat is often the biggest problem, meaning armoured targets can take quite a few more hits to eliminate.

TL;DR: I would test it in the Psykanium before you declare it useless, because you may find it doesn’t actually need more hits to kill.


well for this sword, I dont have a good roll on it with 80% damage to compare.

but i do have 2 bolter, one at 79% , other at 63%, it does reduce required shots to kill “Scab Rager” and “Mauler” by 1-2 depend on critical hits.

I back @MarcoSkoll in this case.

While I think there is a problem here with Traits that are not important enough, like Mobility giving last dodge way too early and Ammo isn’t being impactful enough, the capped trait system is one of the best changes FS made to the weapon formula. It makes weapons of the same type distinct and varied, even inside the same base type. If we could actually modify our weapons to whatever we want I would even lower it by another 20 points to 360 to give even more of a distinction.

The importance varies depending on the exact weapon (you can look at the detailed stats to see the actual variation) and to some extent the rest of your loadout. For example, as my psyker, it doesn’t matter if one ranged weapon takes three more hits to kill a Crusher than another, because I already have better ways of doing that.

If I’m still dropping the kinds of enemies that matter with the same number of hits, the damage stat doesn’t really matter much, and I’d rather have those points in things like ammo count, stability, mobility, cleave, etc.

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why not allow the distinction to be , raising a single stat above 80% ?

example raise damage by 10%
or mobility by 15%-20%

Through hadron.

making everything RNG based, is not really distinction of a weapon.

but Damage still am important Modifier on most weapons, and am pretty sure in many weapons, 10-20% of damage will change the output of situations.

This is just kicking your problem down the road. What I get from this is that you just want more powerful weapons. Think about it a bit.

10-20% difference in damage trait is nowhere near 10-20% damage.

Powerful weapons? No, but linking RNG to Distinctive? How much grinding should i do to get the distinct that do suite the play style or class? Why not make the distinct the way we like it to be?

Also dont think that the 20% missing if added, while make the weapons powerful, just slight buffs, i didnt ask to allow weapons to reach 100%

Well i meant by 10%-20% damage regarding Damage Modifier, do actually have a significant value, and not 1% Damage modifier to equal to 1 damage, and also i think you are reffering trait to modifier.

you can notice i was talking about Modifier score, just in the first 4 words.

I’m sorry I miss read what you wrote.

On topic, a 30% (!) difference in damage modifier on PS is a 10% damage difference. On bolter 15% damage modifier difference is around 4%.

My point is don’t disregard items with lower modifiers as worse items. Having the proper perks is way more impactful. If your weapon hits the breakpoint you want it doesn’t really matter what modifiers it has. Even if doesn’t hit the breakpoint you want it can be vastly better in some other way.

I don’t care. It’s beside the point. You wanted all maxed modifiers, I provided an explanation of why the current modifier system is really good. Unless you have some actual point about why it’s better to have it all maxed don’t try to pull other topics into it. RNG has basically nothing to do with distinction.

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Unlike mine, which has a wooping 3 more damage on light attacks.


Honestly I feel like with how bad the RNG and grind is, they shouldn’t increase the base modifier cap without fixing difficulty and grind. Too many people claim the hardest difficulty is too easy.

Dmg is mostly not so important.

There are Weapons that benefit dramatically by mobility because it affects attack speed on them.
For range weapons it is stopping power and stability.

on Heavy Attack? Combines with First Target Modifier? Combines with Rampage? that nearly the 7 damage difference gets doubled.

even distribution of cleave damage is based on damage x Cleave Damage.

Try running the same weapon, one with low damage and other with high damage, check the difference.

i would say yes damage is important because its universal, its there for every type of target and usage, single target? it apply, Horde? it apply, special attacks? it also applies.

yes it does not mean a weapon with 80% damage = always good, i got Chainsaw sword dual handed, with 80% damage, but cleave at 57%,i cant control a horde on damnation, even with the blessing that increases cleave per hit. while a my older sword at 69% damage, and 78% cleave perform much better vs horde, but i need 1+ hit for crusher, same for mauler if it didnt hit torso.

People would become bored if they got the best weapon loadout immediately.
It gives you something to work toward, and develops your play skills.
God mode is boring. The imperium is imperfect and so are the armaments handed to ex-prisoners who are lucky to have not been summarily executed. Almost like there is an IG theme or something. . .

you are no longer an ex-prisoner, many are burned out by the RNG, i only want a gun that its perfect, not one thats missing stats here and there, i got bored and huge amount of players got bored of this meaningless grind, lets grind day and night for a weapon that is 5+ more modifier score ,while shifted in less important modifiers.

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I think the RNG grind is awful. Perfect, in terms of all 80% modifiers I don’t think is needed. I would like choice though. Like their athanor system (am I willing to lose some points on my weapon for mobility as a trade off? What breakpoints might I be missing?). If they just removed the locks on blessings and perks the modifier randomness would be tolerable.

So lets say you get that perfect weapon. What is the point of collecting materials? What is the point of doing contracts?
You are looking for an end game in a game that has no end game.

I have already seen people not collect materials because it is not important to them anymore. If you re bored by working toward something, then you may enjoy a different game more. When you remove the purpose of playing, why keep playing?

for fun, i dont really care about grinding.

i did get everything in many games, but still play it for the vividness of the gameplay , including VT2.

i do agree, the endgame is boring, they keeping us busy with grinding, which is a boring mechanic, they make people quit more than stay.

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That is actually easier to do than one would think.
Here’s my attacks:

Here’s yours:

I assume that the only difference would be our stats, because that was your original complaint. So for this test I assume that our blessings and perks are the same.
Everything is factored in except for feats, the difference is miniscule.