Ragdoll and being flung by assassin rats

Be me;
Almost at the end of the map, gonna stand inside the dark magic circle and win the game with perfect run;
As the team is trapsing the road near the cliff, 2 assassins spawn;
One jumps on a friend, flings 3 people off cliff for some reason;
Lose the game in literally 1,5 seconds;

That’s a positioning mistake. On narrow ledges, you don’t want to be too close to each other for that exact reason. You also need to be wary of enemies right until you’re inside the magic dome.

Besides, you tagged your post “bug” when it isn’t one, and “suggestion” when I only see a single complaint of an avoidable mistake that your team made. Not really constructive feedback either.

And by the way, the Assassins’ pushing of non-targets was far worse in VT1.


Wait this is an intended feature? Surely it must be developmental oversight. We literally were flinged 5 meters, no exaggeration.

And by the way it literally was unavoidable because the ledge itself is long as you probably already know, so not much room to move or dodge.

Yep, I know. That’s why you don’t move in a clump on those. Leave a little space. The area for the Gutter Runner’s push isn’t big so a meter or two between characters is enough to avoid it. Another dangerous place is the wooden (and dark) railway bridge in Hunger in the Dark.

And, as I mentioned, it was worse in the first game. Close to double the strength, and possibly with larger area to boot. Oh what fun. (Okay, my memory might exaggerate there a bit, but it certainly was worse.)

“You need to be aware of a specific metagaming issue that is never conveyed to the player”
no we’re not. Lazy game design is not an excuse.

It isn’t metagaming, it’s just gaming. It’s not directly conveyed to you, but lots of things aren’t. Once it’s happened and you’re aware, you now know not to clump up on ledges when a gutter runner is around, similarly to how you learn not to put your back to a cliff when a boss is focused on you. How is it lazy game design?

Thanks for the insight. I think you agree with me on this one.

Umm so in my opinion when a gutter runner pounces on a teammate you should be flinched. Getting completely flung is just bad design. FYI, the runners spawned as we were passing the ledge, so there literally was nothing we could do. We also weren’t clumping on ledges we were literally moving ahead to get to the end fight.

“We also weren’t clumping on ledges we were literally moving ahead to get to the end fight.” You were doing both at the same time; if you weren’t you wouldn’t have had 4 people die from 1 pounce. If it was a silent-spawn gutter runner, that is a bug that screwed you over, but if you heard it you should’ve stepped back from your teammates, so there was completely something you could’ve done. It’s a long enough path that you don’t need to huddle together. I don’t get how it’s bad design at all? It’s WEIRD, sure, but not bad. I’m not sure what the lore explanation is but there’s gotta be a big amount of force behind a pounce that forces you to the ground in a game where even the largest enemies like rat ogres can’t slam you hard enough to do that.

That is exactly my point. As we were in the middle of the ledge, 2 gutter runners literally spawned 2 meters above us and we got deleted in less than 2 seconds. I agree with your pounce force idea, there should be something that pushes you away sure, but being flung is really too much. I remember being flung 10 meters no exaggeration when i was mid air and a gutter runner pounced on a mate on skittergate. Imagine hunter from l4d2, it should be similar to that in my opinion. In the end we might call it a difference of opinion.

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