Gutter runner knockback

When someone gets jumped by :skaven:gutter runner :skaven: all nearby players are pushed away.

I understand its there so gutter runners wont get interrupted by random cleave from someone nearby.
But can the AoE and/or effect get reduced?

It happened today again 2 times, once on Fort BrachsenbrĂĽcke and once on Skittergate.
Someone near me got jumped and I was launched several meters over edge into water :woman_playing_water_polo: . No hanging on edge, nothing. On the fort map I was launched on some rocks in middle of river where I could stand for a while before the game realized I should drown.

Not good, definitely not good :no_good_woman:.

Just shoot the bastard before he jump on you;]
I actually like it. This is always big WTF moment - for us, our team of noobs kind of good moment.
After all we don’t need to win every single battle (map).

Thats not the problem.

Just why should they launch you farther than chaos spawn can throw you, thats what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Because it don’t make any sense but it is hilarious! =]

Have to agree, i’ve been knocked off the map with instant death due to someone next to me being pounced.

If you’re in a situation where knockback can instant-kill you, just spread out a bit when you hear a gutter runner. It’s avoidable AND hilarious, I hope they keep it in the game.


“just spread out”

Funny… Enemy Below, VT 1. Just before the finale… a gutter runner ruined the run for us.

We had a horde incoming and had been at the Point of No Return, so we couldn’t move that much without landing in the horde. The runner came, nailed on guy to the ground, launched me into the chasm, one guy was hanging on the cliff and the last one landed in the Horde with some fall damage…

Sounds like you were in a bad situation that was really difficult to reposition yourself for survival, but not impossible. That’s vermintide for you~ That isn’t a typical situation and the occasional deadly-but-possible situation is what makes this game thrilling.

It’s a Situation that shouldn’t happen. The Hunter in Left 4 Dead also doesn’t launch you 5 km away…

It’s stupid! A Small knockback of 1 to maybe 5 meters, OK… but the current range of “Fly further than being hit by a boss” is utterly ridiculous!

Why shouldn’t it happen? You let yourself be put into a vulnerable situation and the enemy took advantage of it. The gutter runner only knocks you back so far if you’re near a ledge anyway and you keep your momentum when leaving the ground, it’s a very reasonable knockback if you’re actually on solid ground.

From my perspective assassin was preaty boring special - face it you could snipe him before he hit in 90% of encounters and if he was able to jump on you even bots are to fast for him to make any serious dmg. That knockback is something “new” to be scared off.

Yes I do agree that one moment can fraq up whole team. But come one we play to kill them (rats) not other way around. Be prepared! (or fear Illidian kek)

You know if we implement every one of these kind of thread’s suggestions we’ll eventually end up with a game featuring the approximate difficulty of Kirby’s epic yarn.

  1. The rat can be shot before it jumps AND in flight. That’s Counterplay 1.

  2. The rat can be dodged, that’s Counterplay 2.

  3. I believe they can still be pushed mid air with good timing, but correct me if I’m wrong. I know for sure I’ve hit them with melee mid flight though that’s harder :D. That’s Counterplay 3.

  4. Spread out a tiny bit if you hear a gutter runner, they are usually pretty noisy buggers. Their knockback radius isn’t that large, if you’re at the edge of it you are just staggered. That’s Counterplay 4.

I wouldn’t rage or be angry if the knockback was lowered, I just don’t think it’s particularly necessary even on legendary. We have the tools.

I can confirm #3, did it in a game earlier today, shoving at the right moment mid-air just before it hits you will just knock it back when it was completely going to pounce you.

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All 3 points are correct.

Again people learned to live without legs so when you offer them new legs they shun you.:woman_facepalming:

I dont talk about balance, I talk about flaw.
With my friends we did both legendary Skittergate and Halescourge, it was easy, it was fast and without wipes, I even went on one Skittergate run with level 10 character.

But that doesnt mean it was ok, both of these maps were(are) flawed and got some changes and fixes.
But I didnt go around forum saying hey you can do it just “git gud” :sunglasses:.
What I did was that I went and made post about Halescourge where I wrote about my ideas on his rework.

Same here, I am not talking about Gutter Runner being broken or unkillable or anything.
I am talking about “flaw” that makes you fly across half of map for no reason at all.
I think he should have that knockback, I said it in my post too.

I think its funny too, when I ended inside textures because of Gutter Runner pouncing my friend and knocking me through wall, and then chaos spawn decided to follow me through wall and disappearing somewhere in the warp, we laughed for good half hour :rofl:, and then the chaos spawn suddenly dropped on us from above half mission later we were laughing for another hour :laughing:.

But that doesnt mean its ok.
I know its my fault when I get pushed over edge, or when I get thrown too far over edge by chaos spawn, that is entirely my fault.
But being launched across half map by small Gutter Runner push is closer to bug than feature.


Thats hilarious, never got killed instantly by an assassin knockback^^
The knockback itself is part of the special and really only occurs if you stand very close to eachother, but the part with instantly dying cause of it… thats bad and I can see the frustration, it is simply unfair. Hanging on a cliff because of a knockback is painful enough, but losing tomes / grims because you get knocked off a map… dont know if it is really needed.

the gutter runner knockback is only if you are right next to the player getting knocked down. and the knockback is only like 3 or 4 feet. chaos spawn knockback can be like 15+ feet so You are just trying to exaggerate your problem with a game. the only way an assassin could kill you form knockback is if you are standing on a ledge. for example… on Halescourge at the 2nd Grim where you climb the ladder for it. an assassin knocked the player down and took fall damage from the fall. he was at the top of the ladder and was knocked to the ground, as soon as he hit the ground, we killed the assassin and he teleported to the top of the ladder and fell again. he still didn’t die.

be aware of your surroundings and don’t stand next to a cliff unless you have the intent of going down the cliff

I have to agree with the OP here and disagree with what most are saying here. Being hit by an assassin, can it be countered? Yes. Regardless it WILL happen occasionally as that’s just how human error and the game plays as a whole. When that occasional human error happens or simply overwhelmed, the instant death is not remotely an appropriate punishment for it. The punishment should match the crime in a game.

The punishment should be 1 guy being hurt a bit, not people just instantly dying. Especially dying for a mistake they themselves didn’t make.

i think they just need to make the ledge stuff more consistent. there are times a boss will punt you 40 feet in the air over a cliff but you’ll somehow grab on, other times you dodge to the side and just go rolling to your death. the knockback shouldn’t go, it has a purpose, but the ledge stuff could be better.