Gutter runner knockback issue

Ok, so this doesn´t happen very often, it seems to happen less so than in V1, because the runners´ knockback is lower, but my point is, it shouldn´t happen ever. Don´t you just love it when you are 3 minutes from the end of a legend mission and when a gutter runner jumps one of you from behind while the whole party is on full hp, you instantly lose? (The one getting jumped of course gets incapacitated and killed, and the other 3 got knocked back, and thrown off the edge of the bridge, meaning the entire full health team got downed via one god damn gutter runner leap.) And that is some wild bulls*it right there. Please, remove the knockback and maybe replace it with stagger/stun like hits cause?

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I think this is by design and I personally like the feature. Just don’t snooze around ledges when there is a runner around - keeps you on your toes.


I probably wouldn’t have crossed that bridge until We’d killed to little sod.


This happened to me one time in VT1, and I’ve been wary of the same situation ever since. It’s clearly very intentional, just something you gotta watch out for.


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