Knockback sometimes pulls in

I’ve been noticing more and more that sometimes instead of getting knocked back by a barrel or a special or w/e you instead get pulled in the opposite direction.

Case and point - just had an encounter with mr. boss and his usual knockback attack occurred which proceeded to pull me in to his barrage of shotgun blasts. Needless to say there wasn’t much I could do.


I only had that happen once by a barrel and it knocked me clear off of a catwalk. The best part is I triggered it standing where it should have blown me to safety, but no, it was cursed lol

In the closed test explosions only knocked you up vertically, now they toss you random direction 30 ft, its wack

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It feels like they are using the wrong vector calculation for knockback since it always sucks you towards the barrel, when it should be the opposite.

Happened last night. Was looking at a barrel, it detonated, and it threw me past the barrel and over a ledge. My friend who detonated it even said “I thought you were ok because you were on my side of the barrel.”

It’s like they’re using the scatter dice from the table top game :stuck_out_tongue: