Quickplay maps since DLC / patches

Have noticed that I am getting far higher incidences of getting

  • Skittergate (I swear I get this like 30-40% of the time but apparently the chance of getting this map is like 3/NumberofMaps due to the quick play logic counting skittergate for each of the 3 campaigns
  • Hunger in the Dark
  • Fort Brakunsburg (sp?) - it seems every quickplay is of this map
  • DLC maps

However since the DLC I havent gotten Righteous Stand and Convocation of Decay at all.

Anyone else had this experience?

skittergate is so common in quickplay. lol

Well it still feels like a daily map/boss rotation to me. There are mostly 3 maps and 1 boss appearing over and over again. I hadn’t skittergate for 3 - 4 weeks, even if i was host.
I’ve got it again now, but blightreaper just once.

I don’t know if there is a countersystem in the background, but dont forget a lot of new/old players , who run skittergate for okri the whole day and you just join over QP.

Btw i get all maps so far since the DLC…yesterday:

The Pit, Fort BrachsenbrĂĽcke, Warcamp, Convocation of Decay, Skittergate, 2x Halescourge, Against the Grain

Edit: If you’re host and some randoms join, you mostly play the map, they’re missing.

Festering Ground 5(!) times in a row as host…We started killing ourselves after the second one.
But usually I see like 3 maps at max in a 6 hour play session…

Hosting quick play: (what I remember from a dev post)
The system begins with equal chances for every map. If you beat a map the chance decreases and if you fail at one the chance increases. Resulting in Skittergate as the most common map for most people because it is long (more time to fail) and the beginning has a high chance of spawning horde, boss and patrol in a combination.
If you host as a group the chances of each member are taken into consideration.

Also at 1.2 launch your stats were equalized otherwise it would have been like in the beta were quick play heavily favored the DLC maps because they had 0 playthroughs unlike every other map.

Note that joining open games probably works different.

Don´t forget the bungie-jumping without a rope. :smiley:

I still don´t understand why ppl skip “skittergate” because of its length, but not one time “into the nest”.

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To add to this, screaming bell was made impossible to get with QP to avoid the (now solved) issue with crashing when you brought a halberd.

I’ve played many times on both Righteous and Convo, but haven’t received a red drop in ages. Sounds like we’re both having weird runs of luck with our respective games, but that’s all I really think it is.

You would not happen to know where that post was made?

A guy I know is ranting about the “broken” rng, I’d love to be able to direct him to such a post.

I basically never get Skittergate in quickplay

but glad to see people are still trying desperately to see patterns in RNG lmao

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