Quickplay (and the reward) should be an option for Private Groups

Well, let’s try to recenter the discussion here. I don’t think anyone wants to remove the incentive for Quickplay, as there should be a good incentive for that. It helps newcomers and fills up groups that desire to play with random players.

It’s the incentive itself that’s less like a cool convenient bonus, and more what @Solfalia posted earlier:

I think the issue here is that the quickplay bonus is just about necessary to get consistent emperor chests.

Without the QP bonus, it takes legendary-tier luck and rng to get an Emperor’s. That’s what people refer to as punishing. Don’t like playing with randoms? Well too bad, now your loot is worse.


i don’t understand this tho. with a prepared group you can still quickplay and get that bonus.

recentering discussion in mind, i believe the argument here is “quickplay” vs “custom” games, not private friends games vs public games.

there are 2 systems here.

quickplay gives you a better chance at higher tier reward if you agree to play the game the way fatshark designed it (a lobby that anyone can join, and you can’t choose a preferred map)

custom games is like playing a handicap - your map of choice (people won’t play skittergate if they’re farming legend) which should not allow for more rewards than the ‘riskier’ option of quickplay.

my 2 cents.

Last time I checked - you cannot do this. Once you start quickplay, it becomes a public lobby. Maybe I was doing something wrong?

The problem is - I can’t do that, if I want to play with 1-2 friends. I literally cannot. The instant I start a quickplay, it becomes a public lobby and thus randoms join us to fill empty slots. We don’t want to play with randoms, but we want quickplay reward. This is what this thread is about.

I have a pre-made group of 2 players, and so I want to quickplay with that group.

Why should I be forced to play with people I never met before to get better loot? On higher difficulties it can lead to a lot of frustration and I certainly don’t play this game to get frustrated (which is why I play only with bots or with 1-2 friends).

Why should I be taunted with a greyed-out bonus (“look at that loser with no friends who just missed an emperor coffer by half of a loot bar gauge that quickplay bonus could’ve gave him, haha!”) if I play with bots?

I agree completely - “why can a full 4-man group reap the rewards of quickplay, but a 2-3 player private group cannot?” This is bad design that punishes (by not giving half of a loot bar, which is huge) those who prefer to play with friends, but can’t get party of 4 players, or those who play with bots.

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I’m not sure if this isn’t a case of arguing over a symptom rather than a cause.

The issue is that premade groups are generally going to be wanting better loot, they expect to win and want a better chance of an Emperor’s chest. Yet still, even with quick play bonus, full 3+2 run and 3 loot dice, it’s still possible for Ranald to give you the finger and you still get a general’s.

Side note, I have a friend with 2 red items who got both from Champions General’s chests. Personally, I got all 3 of mine from Legendary Emperor’s, and honestly, reds are only so desirable because green dust feels broken and crafting, in general, is just awful.

Perhaps quick play (open public group that throws 4 random people together) needs a better incentive to encourage and reward playing with strangers and keep queue times down.

At the same time, groups of friends that want to play together without strangers shouldn’t feel like they are denied emperors chests (short of a hail mary from Ranald, who lets be honest is more likely to just keep giving you the middle finger, even if you did skitter gate and found two loot dice for the 5 total).

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Solution to you problem:

  1. Start quickplay inside the portal to minimize the chance of someone joining.
  2. Hit tab and turn the game to private as soon as the game loads.
  3. If someone joined in, just kick them.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

Though yeah, that’s just an ugly workaround. The problem does exist - that’s objective, it’s been noted by the community long ago, but what can we do?


Make noise about it until it either gets fixed or we get a reply from developers?

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Good luck. :joy: :+1:



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