Quick-Play Issues

I’ve recently come back to the game more regularly, but my friends have not, so I started doing quick play, however, I don’t like it and would rather not play till my friends join. Here are just a few of the issues:

  1. AFK Players: After a mission concludes, an AFK player can delay the start of the next mission in the keep. Unfortunately, there’s no option to kick them, causing teammates to disconnect one by one. DRG allows the host to play leader and decide who to kick and will start the mission after a fair warning.

  2. Griefing: I’ve encountered players who intentionally drop Grims or sabotage missions just before completion, often using chat or microphones to provoke others. While not a common occurrence, it remains a frustrating problem. I know Fatshark decided to remove kicking players before the end of a mission to prevent others from removing a player out of spite.

  3. Book Grabbing Books cause conflict within teams. Some players want to collect them, while others prefer a more casual experience. This mechanic leads to disputes over whether to stop and grab them during small jumping puzzles and similar scenarios, adding unnecessary turmoil to the game. I’ve generally go with whatever the host prefers, and if I’m hosting a casual Legend mission, I let others grab them, but people still get pissy about whether I grab them or if the host is not grabbing them. Just allow the host to decide to turn books off and show an icon in the lobby browser for books on and off, and allow players connecting via quickplay to decide whether quickplay is connecting them to book-hunting lobbies, or not, or either one.

The game relies heavily on quick play, but these issues make it less enjoyable when playing with randos. There are better ways. Just make the host the deciding factor. The host should choose whether books are a priority and be able to remove anyone from the lobby at any time.

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Yes, QP in Vermintide 2 is a pain. I try to avoid them as much as I can and prefer to play only with bots. Almost every time I make up my mind and start QP, the first to join is an elf that destroys the entire run (or at least causes the loss of grim).
DRG is much better in this - no elves there.

And this…is why I prefer bots over players 80% of the time

(the remaining 20% is weaves and the very small % of irl friends that also happens to play this game)

I more or less play QP only and don’t think there are much issues:

  1. I admit I can’t judge that to much. Because I leave the group most of the time after a successful run. I am more inclined to stay after a failed run, unless … see point 4. But even so I sometimes run into players asking overly long. Maybe something like an auto-kick after 2 minutes of non-input could help. Otherwise the player is always free to disconnect and QP in a new lobby.

  2. Grieving is something I don’t remember much. This is probably less than 1% of all games, at least for me. Unless you include people not caring for friendly fire. Then it would be a bit more as some players have to range kill this one unit at all cost although you would kill it with the next melee hit.

  3. Books is probably the most relatable from this list as it happens a bit more often. Then again, on cataclysm most players don’t care for them. And on legend most teams go automatically for them. You can take tomes without issue. Rarely a player complains about that. Grims can lead to complains. But then you can just say that you will drop them if the team doesn’t want them. So the only issue for me would pingers. Player who spam the pick up command a thousand times to other players. Especially if they do not carry a grimoire themselves. There is no solution to them.

  4. My personal issue with QP would be that players tend to fun ruining weapons. So I often have to disconnect the lobby and join another one. It is also extremely unfun if you get an air-w@nker which happens about every second legend or cataclysm game.

Which ones are those? (I know only javelin) And what the hell is air-w@nker? :smiley:

As you said, Javelin is on the list. Other than that I instantly leave any lobby with Griffin foot (on any Saltzpyre career with BH only slightly being the worst offender) and obviously Coruscation Staff (horribly overpowered on all Sienna careers, using it on top of noob wizard setup is only the cherry).

And I would also add Trollhammer Torpedo on the list if spammed which it often is.

Basically any weapon which is to effective for how spammable it is. To get a comparison, I would consider Drakefire Pistols mostly balanced for how spammable they are. Even there I would argue that they should have a dodge penalty and produce more heat (same as Beam staff RMB).

There is a longer list of weapons I would see tuned down. But these are the ones where I am sure that no fun can be have in the match.

You know. People constantly striking Sigmar’s invisible member in the air while moaning loudly just to feel better (moving faster) while others want to look away in disgust.

I played a lot of quick-play for a long time before my friends started playing more. Now that I’m mostly playing with randos again, I guess I’ve been spoiled and it just seems awful half the time. Today I had some friendly players, and it’s very off and on. Still, I think it would help if players couldn’t hold a lobby hostage by being AFK forcing the host to close it or in Legend, often having to deal with conflict over books vs. no books; just let the host decide.

The OP weapons are only occasionally an issue. Generally, in quick play, I could be in a lobby with any Jav/Hagbane Waystalker, Coruscation Staff Battle Wiz, or Duckfoot Bounty Hunter and they’d still have trouble keeping up with my damage and kills, no matter which career I use, even if I use a build that’s a bit off-meta. Still, you are correct, overuse of these weapons does ruin the fun for the other players in the lobby.

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I will say I agree with the idea of turning off tomes and grims, but this might whittle down the player pool to even smaller as I imagine more people would be willing to do tomes and grims than not (especially vet players who don’t really care either way). An issue i think comes in people’s idea of entitlement or to what they’re trying to get out of a game. As it’s impossible to form/host a qp party from vanilla you’re forced to play the gamble as to what kind of party you’re going to join. So if a player who wants grims joins a host who doesn’t who is in the right here? The player who didn’t have a choice to join the party or the host who formed the party? In my own opinion it’s the host’s right to decide, you can always leave if you don’t like it. But this is just my thinking and I’m 100% certain this doesn’t extend to all players as i’ve seen it firsthand where players just don’t respect the host’s wishes. Some would argue “just install the mod that allows you to host” or “just kick them”, and to that i’ll say, you can’t and shouldn’t expect every player to know about and install the mod, and usually, kicking the player just times out as the other players aren’t invested enough to kick the player who just picked up a grim. So now what’s the next option… get them to drop the grim? That’s toxic but what other choice did FS give the host? We’re running in circles but essentially i think it comes down to FatShark needing to allow players more vanilla controls over what their objective in each group is. Whether or not that’s a checkmark for “grims and tomes” (which honestly is the only thing of contention i can really surmise but i’m sure there’s others) or just a checkmark for “host party”, or both.

they’re talking about animation canceling to move faster lol, but i’ve never heard it referred to as that, but it sure does look like it don’t it? A good example whould be like kruber’s mace/sword push attack, kruber’s spear H1 giving you a movement speed bonus when held, bardin’s dual hammers light attack spam, there’s too many to list but you’ve seen them.

Haven’t played a lot of qp lately but when I did I always took books. And I had maybe 10 games total where one of the others disagreed.
But all in all I do it like bthelee. The host decides during the match, in the keep it is possible to talk it out but the host still has the last word. For one simple reason: if someone who joined is dissatisfied and leaves, thats OK. If the host leaves, everyone is screwed.

I also don’t see the need for a button or checkmark. Join a game, write “books” in chat, if you like the answer stay, if not gtfo and look for another lobby.

Yes, it looks pretty stupid. :smiley: I wish there are no weapons that make you move faster.

Forcing the host to take the nuclear option by disconnecting and closing the lobby is not an ideal solution and it is part of the problem.

As host, communicating to the team if you do or don’t want books is fine, but it gets tedious when people trickle in, especially during the game when you have players come and go.

Obviously a better solution to both these issues is to let hosts untick a box when starting a lobby. Just have books ticked by default. Then, in quick play options let people choose an option between connecting to lobbies with books, no books or both.

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You’re never not going to have people over-using a single weapon while others are under-used, that’s just how the lowest common denominator here works.

If something is nerfed, people abandon it for the next optimal thing.

Ironically Griffinfoot Pistols and Corusation Staves’ R1 are literally the only shotguns in this game worth the time to use, especially on QP. The Blunder and Grudgerakers just feels terrible to use unless the horde is clumped or lined up. Maybe it’s because the Griffin foot has a horizontal spread and doesn’t have such a low magazine that makes it feel so good.

Grudgerakers are okay in Cata in premade teams.

grudgeraker i’ve found to be more akin to drakefire pistols in practice. Good for making space, bad for picking out targets. Though it does back a harder punch with less spread, it adds a level of play since you can easily stagger elites in the mob with the grudge raker. Potentially freeing up your melee for something that has a smaller window for dealing damage.

There’s some extremely potent Grudgeraker and Bluntsmam builds, but these shotguns pretty garbage on anything but Ranger and Huntsman.

Griffinfoot is just decent, nothing extreme unless Bounty Hunter uses them, and then become one of the most OP weapons in the game because of crits, reload speed, and ammo sustain. He can reload and get his free crit back with melee kills and then blow away entire hordes with elites. That’s ridiculous and anyone using them like that in normal quick play is being obnoxious and they know it.