Quests not registering as complete after completion!

I have been able to finally run the game smoothly, so I began questing so i could start my grind. The first quest i completed I ran back to the book to collect the rewards it said i received. when i opened the book the game restarted, figured okay at least i completed that long quest i spent time learning and eventually won…upon getting back in i looked in the quest book and said i still have 0/0 complete, and no rewards or the achievements were done. Frustrated, I went back in and redid it. All went smoothly and returned to the quest book, saw the record '1/2 complete…claim your rewards for, and so on"…AGAIN clicked on the quest text to see further instructions and black screen…all work put in once again as if i never did it at all…I spent almost 4 hours trying between different characters, completing and achieving rewards, and EVERY time at the quest book the game simply broke. Since I can only handle doing so much futile repetition, my wishes for it to function were dead after the 6th attempt…this was the worst, most dissatisfying bug/experience ive come across in any game. Having it finally work for me then investing in what I thought would be a great grind, was such a letdown. I wish the game didnt run at all instead on playing entire quests, anticipating rewards for how good it went, see in the log what you earned only to be instantly erased as if this is some intricate troll simulator to see how many times a fool will return to have their enjoyment crushed over and over.

Sorry to hear this. Have you verified integrity via the Steam client?

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