A quiet drink quests

This may sound stupid, but… I don’t remember having ever seen those quests. I have passed the level a couple of times, how do I know if I have succeeded in quests inadvertently?

Check the quest tab. Daily quests, Weekly quests (if Bögenhafen) and Event Quests.

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If only I had thought of that…

Nothing there. Including no event.

are you on pc?

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As far as I know this level is available only on PC, so yes.

Well, those were some rather sassy responses to folks who were hoping to lend a hand. Part of sending in a bug-report/looking for help on the technical side of things is that no one else knows your situation but you. If you need help and don’t provide basic information, folks will likely ask for basic information. Seems like a ‘duh’ sorta thing, but it’s important for people to know :slight_smile:

Considering you’ve completed the mission, I’m pretty sure you’ve downloaded the update. I’d recommend verifying your steam-cache for the game and trying to update it again.

Another thought is to simply check your portrait-frames. It might’ve been that you completed them in a rush? You might’ve just pulled a Steve Urkel and not remembered. A silly thought, but it may have happened. The quests, as @freqlectic recommended, should exist under the Event-Quests tab of Okri’s Tome of Challenges if they are incomplete/not redeemed.

If’n you still can’t get a hold of them, I’d rotate this thread from #feedback to #tech so that Julia can try to help you out.


Admittedly, my first reply, to freqlectic, was rather unfair, since my perception of obviousness is probably not the same as someone else’s, so I apologise for that one.

The thing is I did check everywhere in the quests and I cannot find anything. The completed quests where the rewards are redeemed are not visible, and, yes, it is highly likely that I finished them and claimed them, but, and that is the question, how do I know that? I.e. which frame should I have, which picture should I have? Should I have something else? Since the event was extended, should the countdown be present, because it’s all zeroes for me?

There should be 2 frames that were claimable from the event:



There is a 3rd as well, but that won’t be claimable unless we, as players, clear the event a collective 100,000 times or something like that.



So, The Hungry Troll and Overweight*, I got them, good. I think the second one was achieved in the game where the two players didn’t explain what they were doing and had me and the other player waiting in the bridge. So thanks to the unknown heroes…

However, wasn’t there also something about collecting 9 pieces of the art? If so, where can I check that one?

  • I really, really wish FS would at least tell you where you got cosmetics in the description, instead of that “Cosmetic Hero Portrait Frame equippable…”

Could it be The Flooded Crown? The description seems like it might fit?

That’s a great question. I haven’t earned it as I haven’t been playing a ton recently, but I could tell you sometime tomorrow after I cleared a few more missions.

I’m sure there’s someone else who knows, just gotta have them come along and post it.

Needless to say, it sounds like you’ve earned it either way, so there’s not a ton of reason to stress about it :slight_smile:

Well, I’m slightly stressed because I’m not sure if I’m missing something else. Regarding the 100000 frame, I think I’ve done my share, I think, and I’ve definitively helped at least one group of new players passing through the event level.

Collecting 9 art pieces rewards you with a “Flooded Crown” painting. Check your art collection, you probably have it :slight_smile:

And just a reminder, this can be achieved by collecting 9 pieces of art on ANY map during the event duration.

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Excellent, thanks for confirming my suspicion. I got it all then…

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