A Quiet Drink - constant crashes and is absolutely atrocious to play

Issue Summary:
I keep crashing during the event on the new A Quiet Drink map.

Because of the crashes, I cannot complete the event quest for the portrait.

On returning to the same lobby, because I rejoined after the event, I did not get credit.

Because of the absurd amount of the low player base, it is excruciatingly painful to complete the event with 2 people and bots cannot help you drink the ales. Absolutely genius idea :woman_facepalming:

I’m just going to assume that no one in the Fatshark offices even tested the event out before releasing it. Considering the host doesn’t get completion or the fact that it crashes for others.

It’s so unfun and boring that I do not want to have to TRY to play through it again…

Because I know I’ll just crash during the event and lose progress and not get the portrait.

The game still runs like garbage even with a new graphics card.

Thank you for making a game that doesn’t work. What a waste of time and money.

Maybe instead of making stupid gimmicky events that are buggy and broken, why don’t you fix all the bugs that are already in the game?

I hope you enjoy those messages I sent with all 3 of my crash reports after the game closed to desktop.

This game is supposed to be fun. The events are supposed to be fun. It feels more like a chore because of the inability to complete the event due to the game crashing 3 times in a row and the absolute terrible design of the event itself making it atrocious to play with only 2 people.


EDIT: I forgot to mention 2 other things.

-Congratulations to the person who thought it was a good idea to put a piece of ravaged art in a location that only careers with a dash ability can reach.

-Since my game did crash, I lost the 2 pieces of ravaged art that I did collect before the crash so of course when I came back into the game and finished the map, I literally received nothing. Fantastic.

I’ve responded to your PM. Locking post, let’s keep it constructive please.


What a waste of time and money.

We’d like to refund you please. Send us a DM with PayPal details or file for a refund with steam and we’ll see if we can push it through.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord https://discord.gg/K6gyMpu