A Quiet Drink: Playing as a client when the host disconnected at the tavern brawl part, game crashed a few seconds later

Playing as a client in ‘A Quiet Drink’, legend. At the tavern brawl part, the host disconnected. (Would find out later that his game crashed.) I also crashed instead of being returned back to my keep. (I forgot if I used the menu to return to my keep or if the game attempted to automatically return me.)

GUID: e23476b6-0d69-40b9-acef-aaa41d1e1bd1
Log File: 
Info Type: 

[Crash Link]:

console-2019-03-08-15.13.43-31f7d6a9-0d5e-479e-a810-9bf178dee84d host crashed disconnected, also crashed afterwards.log (833.0 KB)
crash_dump-2019-03-08-15.13.43-31f7d6a9-0d5e-479e-a810-9bf178dee84d.dmp (626.6 KB)

Thank you muchly, we’re looking in to it!

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