First game with the DLC... the whole party got disconnected from the host

… Pit event…

console-2018-08-28-18.15.01-92B3964C-14B4-4C90-A175-3635.log (966.8 KB)

I am suffering crashes on all sorts of maps now where I never had crashes before maybe once a week now i get one every few maps. very bad patch.

Hi Darth_Angeal, thanks for the report. We are currently investigating this particular disconnect issue.

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I have maybe a 50% success rate of the host disconnecting in the Pit event just after the defend the house from the horde, the minute the escape text pops up chances are there’s a disconnect.

I hope, I can help with this. Yesterday we had the exact same problem. I was hosting a Legend game with 3 friends of mine and three games in a row everyone got disconnected during the event multiple times resulting in a failure of the run.

On tuesday we beat the map twice with no problem at all. That made me curious.

Since tuesday I changed two things.

  1. My weapon now has a purple glow (seems unlikely to be causing this, but still)
  2. I turned my mods back on that I deactivated during the beta

I then used my old weapon and deactivated all mods and it worked like a charm.

Probably mod related? Bad thing is, I was using almost all whitelisted mods, so no clue which one it could be.

Hope this helps

We have tracked down the cause of this specific issue and it isn’t related to mods or weapon glow but rather an enemy AI related issue - a solution is in the works.


Hm, okay. I figured 3 crashes with mods and 3 wins without would be almost certain not a “sometimes it works, sometimes not” issue.

Could still be possible ofc.

Happy to hear you tracked it down, though.

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