A Quiet Drink: disconnected from host upon triggering the horde in the first tavern; crashed as I tried to exit to my keep

Playing as a client in A Quiet Drink, legend. Upon finding the first tavern (I think the name was the ‘Hungry Troll’) and having it fall and triggering the ‘defend from horde’ objective, one of the other clients disconnected from the game. I got the ‘lost connection from host, trying to reconnect’ message a few seconds later. I tried to exit to my keep as the message was being shown but the game crashed:

GUID: ef474343-a82c-41fd-b7df-75ddcbe6f37e
Log File: 
Info Type: 
[Script Error]: scripts/ui/views/show_cursor_stack.lua:25: Trying to pop a cursor stack that doesn't exist.
[Crash Link]:

It appears the host didn’t crash as he was able to invite me and the other disconnected player to join him again later. We finished the level.

console-2019-03-08-11.43.22-97260549-f6ae-4bcc-87f1-dc9f7c1f0380 1.6 disconnecting and crash on exiting the game.log (3.9 MB)

crash_dump-2019-03-08-11.43.22-97260549-f6ae-4bcc-87f1-dc9f7c1f0380.dmp (458.5 KB)

Thank you @hollerbach - I’ve raised this with development.

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