Lobby becomes unjoinable as clients crash

We were playing through an expedition when suddenly both clients crash and become unable to join even after going in & out. Steam rich presence had showed my lobby as having 0/4 players in-game. I had to quit the expedition entirely and only then did the lobby get fixed after giving a Broken Connection error.

Host log: console-2021-12-15-17.26.43-1c92d994-17ba-4253-9d20-df6c549d205f.zip (2.0 MB)
Client log: console-2021-12-15-17.10.49-2bdb57a1-3432-4262-9454-89a5d0689831.zip (1.5 MB)

It’s quite absurd how fragile the game lobbies can be at times. I’ve had this sort of thing happen multiple times within a single 4-5 hour play session. And more often in separate occurrences.

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This is a known and high-priority issue, apologies!


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