Unable to Rejoin Match After Crash

Relaunching the game to rejoin the lobby is now broken, has about a 90 percent fail rate since launch.

Steps to Reproduce:
Game crashes at random. Relaunch the game. Will go to operator selection with no prompt to rejoin the session you were removed from

Player ID:
Steam ID Gluchacki

Reproduction Rate:
Often (<90%)

Console Log: 08:48:24.134 error: [Lua] ERROR [PartyImmateriumManager] could not join party {

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Happened with me yesterday 2 or 3 times, really sad when I get a crash and then my friends have to finish the map we discover for the first time together without me.

Can also confirm that I am having this issue 100% of my crashes I’m unable to rejoin and am not prompted.

The “xxx has abandoned the game” message appears in for the players in the abandoned game during the loading screen immediately before character selection for the 4 times I’ve observed it (3x as the one that crashed w/ talking to friends in discord voice, 1x as an observer when one of my friends crashed).

They can eventually rejoin if we vote kick the player that joined in their place, but that solution doesn’t work in all situations.

EDIT: note, all of those crashes were before 1.0.12 patch that was released today, and 1.0.12 has a note that looks like (at least an attempt) to resolve this issue

It’s like the reconnect feature is switched off

This should now be resolved. Are you still experiencing this?

Seems to be fixed at this moment, thank you for the response