Game Crashes when hosting, or joining a lobby after latest update

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Hey there, I am fairly new to the game, but after the latest patch I crash immediately when joining any lobby, or having a friend join me. On their computer they get a message about Easy anticheat saying my computer is untrusted. I’ve tried validating files, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, removing any trace of any rgb software, or msi afterburner/rivia tuner. I’ve tried playing on their computer and the game runs fine. At this point I am not sure what to do.

Here is a copy of the crash log
GUID: 07d5bf6b-4588-4f6b-838a-6d9cea810721
Log File:
Info Type:

strong text

My system is an i7 3930k running an rx 5700xt, and 32 gb of DDR3 1866mhz ram.

I can try to provide any other log files if possible.

Could you try disabling the voice chat in the ‘Options’ → ‘Audio’ menu? See if that helps!

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