Game crashes when i join lobby/someone joins my lobby

Game will boot up the moment i join a lobby or someone joins mine, game will freeze and then crash.
attached are my most recent console logs of me attempting to play. I reverified my game files twice and reinstalled my graphic drivers, I dont even have any anti-virius on. was only able to join 1 quick game lobby after 1-2 hours of attempting but crashed shortly after.
console-2021-03-01-16.03.14-877d0ee9-241c-47c8-b149-c355fed8c835.log (123.4 KB) console-2021-03-01-15.59.08-409c70d2-2f8b-4b44-b85b-ef4577fac753.log (206.1 KB)

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Could you try disabling the In-Game Voice Chat, see if that helps please?

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